3 Classic SEGA Games Inbound To PSN And XBLA

Sega have announced they are to release 3 classic fighting games from their extensive catalogue, Treating fans to a full HD, online multiplayer support with a cheap price of admission to boot! Games greeting fans are: Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 2 and the classic game Sonic The Fighters

All games will have trophy/achievement support with leaderboards aswel. How much will each of these games cost? when will they be released so I can relive my youth? well heres the details you crave young fighter:

PlayStation Network:

  • November 27th (North America) – $4.99 (each)
  • December 5th (Europe) – £3.69/€4.49 (each)

Xbox Live Arcade:

  • November 28th – 400 MSP (each)
Fighting Vipers came to arcades and the SEGA Saturn the following year, in 1996, adding a new concept that was a fighting game first: destructible armor. Players could maximize their damage dealt by destroying an opponent’s protective gear, and could then finish the round by punching or kicking the other player right through the arena’s walls.
Sonic the Fighters’s arrival in arcades in 1996 offered players a first-ever opportunity to take to the ring with characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, including Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. Players had to battle their way through eight stages to collect chaos emeralds and once again thwart the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic!
In 1994, Virtua Fighter 2 followed in the footsteps of its hit predecessor by bringing breakthrough 3D graphics and fighting gameplay to arcades. The title’s combination of deep combat and unique arenas led it to quickly become one of the flagship titles on the SEGA Saturn™ when it arrived on the console in 1995.
Sega are starting to look after their fans, giving them what every one wants but you know what? Any true Sega fan would trade all these games in for the likes of Shenmue HD and Burning Rangers HD to grace our consoles, and show gamers of this generation how we used to rock the scene back in our day. if Sega must push out more fighting games then Fighters Megamix will do nicely.

Jim Smale

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