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The aim of the game is to survive for 60 seconds by putting your hand eye co-ordination and reactions to the test. Colours fall at an increasing speed from the top of the screen, tap the colour buttons at the bottom of the screen to destroy the falling colours. Brought to you by the talented game studio Big Whoop Studios.

I caught up with the dev to ask him to shed some more info on his latest game. Here is what he had to say:


I started a project to remake of the classic Amiga game Vital Light. I soon realised that the smaller displays and touch controls were completely unsuited to the game. So I began to pare back the design with the end result being 60 Seconds.  The idea is to simply survive for 60 seconds. Colours fall from the top of the screen and the player must hit the corresponding colour button to clear as the colours fall faster and faster. Colour combinations also fall and require two hits to clear. For example purple can be cleared by hitting (in any order) blue and red.The game is designed to be tough but fair so if the wrong colour is matched its game over.(There is an option to disable that feature). I have included a colour blind  monochromatic mode and a couple of different visual themes. Achievements and online high score tables are implemented with Swarm Connect.


The game is brilliant and is a lot of fun to play, punishing you for not knowing how to mix the colours and yes I got punished…………..A LOT! The game is actually on sale right now for a bargain 68p and is worth every penny. Check out the video below of game play and a demo is also available and is compatible with nearly all Android devices. Expect a full review in the next few days.

You may recognise the name Big Whoop Studios from their other games which are also available on Google Play:

Memory Monster:

A colourful memory game designed for preschool kids featuring lots of cute monsters and backgrounds. Your child will have fun while improving cognitive and recall skills. Match monsters quickly and accurately to earn the full three stars!

Three difficulty Levels!!
Cute monsters!!
Different backgrounds!!
Catchy monster music!!
More cute monsters!!
Sound on/off!!
Keep your little monster busy!!

Super Farting Jump Boy:

Oh noes!! The princess is trapped in an alien ship cunningly disguised as a floating toilet!!!!
Help hero Freddy Von Fartenburg on his journey to rescue her from the evil Turdling aliens by using his B.U.M (ballistic underpants module). Using your BUM, fart your way to crazy heights in this addictive game. Gallantly rush to the princess’s aid with the power of brown thunder!!! Guide Freddy by tilting your device as he splutter jumps higher and higher. The goal is to reach the magical floating toilets at the top of each level. Make use of conveniently placed bottles of TurboLax to temporarily grant a speed increase and jump even higher! Will Freddy rescue the princess? Will his pants need industrial cleaning agents?

Links to their games can be found here:

Memory Monster

Super Farting Jump Boy

60 Seconds Full Game Only 68p!

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