A brand-new VR version of the bestselling title – House Flipper VR goes live on Steam on November 5th

A brand-new VR version of the bestselling title – House Flipper VR goes live on Steam on November 5th

Frozen District can’t stop delivering new content related to their main game – House Flipper. For the last two years, they’ve kept up the progress with regular updates and DLCs. The VR version of House Flipper, which is already available on Oculus Quest, is now finally ready to transfer over to Steam with a new, much more advanced graphics style designed for powerful PC VR setups!

After months of improvement and polishing, House Flipper VR is ready to take on Steam! If you’re a fan of flipping fixer-uppers and going crazy with your own interior design ideas, then you should try doing it in virtual reality! It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever played the original game before, as House Flipper VR is a completely standalone project made from scratch!

House Flipper VR will become available on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1194700/House_Flipper_VR/) starting November 5th.

“We’ve now created two versions of House Flipper VR. There’s the Oculus Quest version and the Steam one. The difference lies in the graphics style, which is substantially more detailed in the Steam version. We’ve also made sure to put lots of effort into optimization, so that not only the highest-end VR systems can run the game smoothly. Overall, the development process was planned very carefully to allow us easier creation of regular updates in the future.” Said Patryk Czajka, leader of the VR development team.

House Flipper VR gives the player a unique chance to become a one-person renovation crew and take care of neglected fixer-uppers. This can all be experienced in a VR environment that offers the player a chance to fully enjoy the life of a flipper.

The Steam version of House Flipper VR will be available on November 5th for $19.99! Don’t miss out! You’ll love the opportunity to enjoy makeovers using your VR goggles!

Jim Smale

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