Achilles Legends Untold Preview (Steam Early Access)

Our Achilles Legends Untold Preview shows off this isometric Souls-like action RPG that is set within a world inspired by ancient Greek mythology. As the mighty warrior Achilles, you’ll be pitted against great warriors and giant mythological creatures in a centuries-long war between Ares and Hades. Your journey for glory will take you across vast and dangerous lands; from the besieged city of Troy to the golden city of Mycenae, and down to the depths of Tartarus.

Achilles Legends Untold Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 24.09GB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Controller support.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, window mode, graphics preset quality, anti-aliasing, v-sync, view distance, blur, shading, foliage, effects, textures, shadows, and post-processing.
  • Tutorial pop-ups and guidance can be set up on-screen, splash screens on or off,
  • Aim assist, and auto-target lock options.
  • Two difficulties – wanderer and hero.
  • Online co-op with host, friends only and join random game choices.
  • ARPG gameplay.
  • Soulslike mechanic of dying will drop everything and you can go back and get it.
  • The Shrine of Hades is activated to become a respawn point, a place to heal, and where you access the skill tree.
  • Healing at a shrine will respawn enemies.
  • Handy button to lay down a marker to show where to go.
  • Hack and slash combat with dodging, stamina management, light and heavy attacks along with special abilities you unlock.
  • Beautiful locations to explore.
  • You have a lot of free reigns and can kinda play how you want.
  • Enemies can drop loot.
  • Health bars of enemies appear when you hit them.
  • Hitting people does feel meaty.
  • Fate is the currency needed for the skill tree, it drops Frome enemies and can be found in the world.
  • Fully Voiced characters. you can Duel wield weapons.
  • A handy shortcut for items like health, souls, and Bombs.
  • Souls are used to getting fate and these can be used whenever you want from storage.

Achilles Legends Untold Preview Cons:

  • The game is dark and parts of the environment are not distinguishable which leads to a lot of frustrating situations.
  • The combat is quite heavy and requires some getting used to.
  • You can die so quickly.
  • Slow animations for blocking and healing.
  • A lot of frustration is had mostly due to not seeing enemies properly.
  • The dodge roll is a bit poo and doesn’t do a good job.
  • The camera is not always ideal.
  • The balance of aim assist strength is a bit off as it will not always swap quick enough or it will lock onto someone not even on the screen or nearby.
  • Takes a long time to get going more because it takes a fair few upgrades to get comfortable with it all.
  • The locations start to get very small and narrow.
  • To flesh it out a bit the game lives to just outnumber you constantly.
  • Cellars all feel the same with a single enemy encounter than a small bit of loot, usually just resources.
  • The actual loot of fear is hard to come by.
  • All combat encounters begin to play the same and the more leveled up you get the more mashy mashy victory it gets.
  • No breakables despite pots and vases everywhere.

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Achilles Legends Untold:

Official website.

Developer: Dark Point Games

Publisher: Dark Point Games

Store Links – 

Steam Early Access


Achilles Legends Untold has a lot going for it, it looks fantastic and has the gameplay that is best described as a Diablo soulslike. The combat is all about timing and countering but as you level up you get your crazy abilities that make it a bit easier. They have nailed the atmosphere of Greek mythology and integrated the Soulslike formula almost effortlessly for you will always be on tenterhooks, looking for the next shrine so you can spend your fate and level up. I instantly fell in love with the setting, the combat, and just how open everything was, it scratched many itches in one go and it just felt meaty. The more I played the more I noticed the game was starting to slow down. Combat became mashy as you grew so powerful that you could literally one shot and decimate enemies taking the tension out, the locations got smaller in scope, and having no breakables just made it feel like you were inside a terrarium. I will leave the game for now and come back in a few updates. I love where this is going and I hold out hope this could be a real contender later down the road.

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