Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise Review (Nintendo Switch OLED)

Join Lottie’s Paradise Planning team for our Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise Review we travel to a distant group of beautiful resort islands with a diverse set of landscapes. Choose from a variety of islands, with different terrain and climates and find one that matches your client’s vision. Then start designing and make their vacation dreams come true. Just wait until you see the look on your clients’ faces after you reveal the vacation home decorated just for them.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise Review

Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise Review Pros:

  • Same graphics.
  • Tutorials pop up as you access new features.
  • Access the DLC via Dodo Airlines to get the work prompt.
  • The initial designer job acts as a tutorial.
  • Lottie runs the island and is ultimately in charge of jobs and progress.
  • Poki is the new currency you earn on the island and can only spend it on the island.
  • The main office houses a store with rotating stock.
  • Uniform – you can select what to wear from a big selection of items and will automatically change into it when needed.
  • You can freely explore the island.
  • Niko is a little monkey that helps you out on the job and is the guy to take you to the islands/houses.
  • When selling a holiday home, you can choose the season (summer/winter/autumn/spring) and plot on the many islands.
  • Characters you interact with will give hints on the type of decoration or home they want.
  • New loading screen art.
  • Press down to enter decorating mode both in-house and out of the house in the yard.
  • Every client wants something different but they give you an idea on a theme like color.
  • The catalog is fully available to you so you can add more items to the room/yard and has a section that selects appropriate items.
  • Photo – when you finish a job you need to take a photo for the islands catalog. You can move characters around, change their poses and even change their clothes.
  • Photos will save to your Nintendo Switch.
  • Happy Home network app allows you to store photos and request to visit clients.
  • You can take plants and vines back to your main island.
  • Characters will give off thought bubbles of their likes before you talk with them.
  • When on a job you can set the time of day and weather from the menu as much as you want.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Get your pro license and you can do accent walls and decorate the ceiling.
  • You can share and visit other players’ islands locally or online.
  • Sparkle is where you can make an item shiny or sparkly for your client. (you can also undo it)
  • The cabinet in the break room allows you to access your home storage.
  • You earn titles as you play which increases your pay.
  • Facilities will open up as you progress and here you can decorate as normal but also increase the size of them at will.
  • Earn new crafting recipes.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise Review Cons:

  • You cannot access your tools when on the island.
  • Seems overly generous with letting you satisfy the client. (phrasing)
  • The music is not the best especially if you are using musical furniture.
  • Forces you to stop to take breaks.
  • After choosing a client you always have to do the sit down with Lottie and then show them the house.
  • The cycle gets quite repetitive.
  • Early on you can just walk into the new job and open the delivered items and get the job finished and paid, no effort needed.
  • No new Nook miles rewards.

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Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise Review

Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise DLC:

Official website.

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Store Links –

Nintendo Switch

  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Length - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Fun Factor - 8/10


The first and only Animal Crossing New Horizon DLC is here and to be honest it’s a mixed bag. Upfront it took me a while for this review as I forgot to back up and transfer my save so I had to play a good few hours to get the DLC to pop. I’m not big into the whole home design thing so I was skeptical but it’s an alright package overall. You can unlock a load of new recipes like partitions and furniture plus you see a lot more of the characters that inhabit the world. This DLC has classed itself as a job within the game and you fly off to the island and your purpose is to recruit clients, listen to their needs and design a house around that theme. To help you along you do get a handful of items and that’s a big help, I mean it also breaks the game as you can just unbox those items and the client is happy! OK so you are designing rooms and the yard using the handy drag and drop interface, you can hang items on the walls and ceilings so you can really go nuts, money is not a thing so go nuts and even shrink/enlarge the rooms. As you go through eventually you can help rebuild the island and that is done via facilities like schools, the same deal though you have a few starter items then you can design it. This is generally the cycle over and over and depending on how deep you go into the designing will depend on how much you play it. For casuals, you can just blag each job and make use of the shop selling different items using their own currency only available on the island. It’s very mixed in terms of my opinions with the game, I like taking my time with designs sometimes but I mostly wanna try to advance quickly in case something good unlocks but I never got there, in fact, I found myself a lot of the time forgetting about the DLC altogether. So in short if you like designing rooms then you are in for one hell of a treat but if you want anything else then this isn’t the DLC for you.

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