Announcing Wadjet Eye’s next adventure cyberpunk thriller Technobabylon

The year 2087 is upon us… yep, you heard me. Today Wadjet Eye Games is officially announcing Technobabylon, their next upcoming game in partnership with indie developer Technocrat. This retro-style, point & click adventure will release for PC in Spring 2015, with Mac and Linux also in the works.

About Technobabylon
Technobabylon takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future where genetic engineering is the norm, the addictive Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, and an omnipresent AI named Central powers the city. Its all-seeing CEL police force keeps tabs on everyone… including three people who are about to meet their maker.
Today we’re introducing one of these three playable characters — Dr. Charlie Regis, a geneticist and CEL Case Specialist — as the tragedies of his past come back to haunt him 20 years after his wife’s death.
Technobabylon started out as a series of 8 planned freeware episodes (of which 3 were released) by indie developer James Dearden. With help from Wadjet Eye Games (creator of the Blackwell mystery games, publisher of Gemini Rue), Technobabylon’s story and gameplay have been revamped for its commercial release, with player feedback from the freeware episodes integrated. The game will also feature new pixel art by Ben Chandler and professional voice acting.
Spring 2015? But I want to know more NOW!
I know! Between now and launch we’ll reveal plenty more details about Technobabylon, including introductions to the game’s other main characters, Latha Sesame and Dr. Max Lao.
You can also keep an eye on the official website ( and the Wadjet Eye dev blog (, where James Dearden coincidentally just posted about Technobabylon yesterday.

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