Bright Memory: Infinite GeForce RTX Support Announcement

Active Gaming Media Inc. and its proprietary indie game platform PLAYISM are proud to announce that FYQD-Studio, the Chinese indie developer who created Bright Memory: Infinite, has added GeForce RTX-based graphics card support to the title! Along with this news comes the reveal of a trailer showing off the phenomenal graphical performance of the title.
Furthermore, on September 25th (JST), the Bright Memory: Infinite RTX Benchmark software will go live on the Steam store page.

With GeForce RTX-based graphics card support, Bright Memory: Infinite gains access to a slew of cutting edge ray tracing technologies such as Ray Traced (RT) Reflection, RT Refraction, RT Caustics, RT Shadows and RT Ambient Occlusion leading to high levels of graphical performance.

Of these, RT Caustics is the newest ray tracing technology to be implemented in Bright Memory: Infinite. Caustics refers to the focusing of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface or object, or the projection of that envelope of rays on another surface. Rendering of these effects in games generally used shortcuts or approximations to emulate the effect but with RT Caustics this has become possible to render in real time.

Experience the latest in graphical performance with the benchmark software going live on Steam September 25th!
The Bright Memory: Infinite RTX Benchmark will become available to download for free from the Bright Memory: Infinite Steam store page on September 25th (JST). This benchmark software is designed to show the graphical capabilities of the latest ray tracing technology and contains no story elements related to the main game. The minimum GPU specification is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB. (This new development does not affect the minimum specifications of the main Bright Memory: Infinite game itself.)

Development on Bright Memory: Infinite is approximately 60% complete. If you have purchased the previous title by FYQD-Studio, Bright Memory, you will receive a copy of Bright memory: Infinite for free!

Jim Smale

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