Build your family tree in Shelter 2-New Features Announced

Independent developer Might and Delight reveals more gameplay details from Shelter 2, their open world adventure game – starring a Lynx – dropping on Steam, GOG and other digital platforms in the fall of 2014.


Breed and name a unique bloodline When Shelter 2 begins, players will create the first name in a family tree. During the story, that animal will give birth to a litter of cubs that players will get to name. After finishing the story line, the cubs will be inscribed in the family tree and – provided they survived the dangers of nature – will then become playable.


“We wanted to continue to build features around the concept of family, besides just protecting your cubs. And the idea of a bloodline that can be continued and evolved just fits the world of Shelter perfectly.” says Anders Westin, CEO of Might and Delight.



Each cub a unique color In addition to letting players name and build a continuing family tree, Shelter 2 will incorporate another important feature. Each of the cubs from the original litter will have a slightly unique color, and that color will grow even more noticeable when that cub has children of its own. In effect, players can choose to always continue playing with the animal that is slightly redder than the others thus ending up with a protagonist with an extremely distinct color and pattering.

“Unlike the first Shelter, we want players to freely explore the world and make the experience their own. Evolving the mother is simply another step in that direction. Such a feature really fits the scale of the game and there´s something charming about raising your cubs and then being able to play through the game again with your favorite cub as the main character.” added Anders Westin.

Jim Smale

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