Call Of The Wild The Angler Review (Steam)

For our Call Of The Wild The Angler Review, we play a game from the creators of the Hunter: Call of the Wild comes to an open-world fishing experience! Relax and unwind at your favorite spot or explore the beautiful great outdoors with friends as you embark on the journey to become a master angler.

Call Of The Wild The Angler Review Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Apex Connect integration. (optional)
  • Graphics settings – monitor, resolution, window mode, v-sync, graphics preset, resolution scale, motion blur, anti-aliasing, anisotropic texture filtering, SSAO, texture detail, shadow quality, geometric detail, vegetation detail, global illumination, volumetric fog, depth of field, screen-space reflections, and water detail.
  • Multiplayer settings – on/off, cross-platform, player names, activity reports, player join/leave messages, and fish caught messages.
  • Accessibility options – brightness, accessible cast (one button casting), reeling input type, rod tracking strength, strike sfx, strike indicator, vibration, trigger effects, boat assist, camera shake, field of view slider, crouch toggle, unit system, and subtitles.
  • Controller and keyboard settings – Invert the axis and sensitivity sliders, and you can rebind the controls for both.
  • Fishing gameplay.
  • Plays in first person.
  • You get to drive a jeep and boat each with three views.
  • The reserve is called Golden Ridge Reserve.
  • Many many Collectibles from lore to flowers, trees, and Big Foot sightings. It’s weird but it makes sense.. Ish.
  • 21 fish species and they all have rarity assigned by size and type.
  • Earn EXP for catching fish and getting the Collectibles, discovering new areas, surveying the land, etc.
  • Watch towers have a survey spot that triggers a flyover and fills in the map with question marks for key locations.
  • Fast travel points throughout the map.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Multiplayer is when you join a server and then you can see and interact with other players, Get notifications on what they are doing, etc.
  • Clayton Johnson is the reserve warden and will give stories, lore, and such. He moves around the reserve.
  • Sophia Taylor owns the shop and here you can buy equipment and clothing accessories.
  • Daily and weekly missions.
  • Beautiful looking reserve.
  • You can place your own waypoints and markers.
  • All fish are returned to the water.
  • Over time you can have waters fill in with fish details on the map.
  • Ride creator where you can choose the rod, the type (spinner/float), reel, reel wire, and any bait.
  • When catching a fish you earn exp for every piece of the rod you are using.
  • Catching a fish will bring up a pic of your smug-looking avatar holding his fish and on the side, it says all the details like fish caught, rarity, size, weight, and what equipment you used.
  • Full stats menu.
  • Your handbook fills in with fish caught, and all Collectibles are split up into categories.
  • The journal houses all collected missions and events, you can track/u track them at will.
  • The jobs board shows all available missions and events.
  • You can freely walk and run around the reserve or use the vehicles.
  • Easy to read Hud.
  • Reeling in a fish requires balancing out line tension, adjusting the drag, etc.
  • Float fishing has a focus button so you can zoom in and even see the fish.
  • You can adjust and set so much of your casting from how high the hook sits or the size of the hook.
  • If you so wish you can just go out and fish and still get leveled up and buy new gear.
  • Play how you want.
  • You can photo-bomb player’s pictures.
  • Three types of fishing – float, lure spinning, and jighead spinning.
  • So relaxing and fun to play.
  • You can collect items when in a vehicle.
  • No fall damage.
  • Your fish are your fish, other players cannot scare or take your fish.

Call Of The Wild The Angler Review Cons:

  • You cannot change the time of day.
  • The friend’s integration is nothing but being in the same instance, no events or warping to each other.
  • Cannot skip the survey flyovers.
  • Doesn’t offer stands for your rod or rods as multiple rods deployed would be awesome.
  • You cannot move once you have cast.
  • Fish information is only available on some of the water spots.
  • Doesn’t offer weather types.
  • Not sure what the point of the Ranger is and why I need to know has moved to another point on the map.
  • The driving is horrendous and with no 3rd person view it is very much a vomit comet.

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Call Of The Wild The Angler:

Official website.

Developer: Expansive Worlds

Publisher: Expansive Worlds

Store Links – 


  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Length - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Fun Factor - 9/10


Call of the Wild Angler is a fishing game with beautiful graphics and full controller support. It offers a variety of settings for graphics, multiplayer, accessibility, and controller/keyboard. The game is played in first person and allows you to drive a jeep and boat in the Golden Ridge Reserve.

The game features 21 fish species with rarity assigned by size and type. Players earn EXP for catching fish, collecting items, discovering new areas, and more. There are watch towers that trigger a flyover and fill in the map with key locations. The game also has a day and night cycle.

Multiplayer allows you to join a server and interact with other players. The reserve warden, Clayton Johnson, provides stories and lore, while Sophia Taylor owns the shop where you can buy equipment and clothing accessories.

The game includes daily and weekly missions, fast travel points throughout the map, and the ability to place your own waypoints and markers. All fish are returned to the water after catching.

The game offers a rod creator where you can choose the rod type, reel, reel wire, and bait. Catching a fish earns EXP for every piece of the rod you are using. However, the game does not offer rod stands or multiple rod deployment.

There are some limitations such as not being able to change the time of day or skip survey flyovers. The driving experience may not be enjoyable for some players due to the lack of a third-person view.

Overall, Call of the Wild Angler is a relaxing and fun game that gets the balance between simulation and arcade action just right as it allows players to play how they want and keep it accessible. It offers three types of fishing – float, lure spinning, and jighead spinning – making it an engaging experience for fishing enthusiasts. On a quick sidenote, It might not offer a real reason for it yet but play with friends because Photo bombing is just as good as the game! Fishermen… pick a bait and Rod Out

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