CD Projekt Red Announces Mobile Release for Gwent

Gaming fans are already getting hyped up about CD Projekt Red’s next big thing, Cyberpunk 2077, a title that is scheduled for release in April next year. But the Polish developer has been busy with other projects as well. The studio best known for The Witcher series of games has its own fantasy card game which is scheduled for release on mobile this October. Gwent could be the ideal way to pass the time until their futuristic open-world offering hits consoles.

Players of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will already know Gwent as the card game that Geralt of Rivia played while traversing the Continent. The collectible turn-based game was engaging and addictive but, since it became a standalone free-to-play offering on PC and consoles, it has evolved into so much more. The final version of Gwent was released towards the end of 2018, and since then there have been various updates and expansions which have enhanced and refined it.

CD Projekt Red has tried to separate Gwent from similar card games which have been criticized for being too heavily contingent on RNG – namely Hearthstone. The developers’ vision is for it to be more skill and strategy-based, like poker, rather than mainly luck-focused, like blackjack. In fact, it may even have been designed to tap into the booming online poker market, which attracts millions of players worldwide. Online poker players are known to have strategies when playing in order to minimize losses since it has been found to be a game of skill because it’s not about the cards you’re dealt but how you bet and how skilled you are at bluffing. Similarly, Gwent players approach a game with a plan of action.

Now that Gwent is finally coming to mobile, it could bring in a high number of new players and assert itself as one of the major players on the fantasy card game scene. Hearthstone has long been the best-known collectible card game, but players are feeling a little jaded with the Blizzard Entertainment offering, which has been criticized for its pay-to-win philosophy. Talk on internet forums suggests that a lot of players could decide to make the switch to Gwent when the new offering hits iOS in October.

The next step for CD Projekt Red is to turn Gwent into a viable eSport. This will be easily done, as there have already been several successful tournaments. The Gwent Open takes place every few months and usually has a prize pool of around $25,000. The Gwent Masters is the official eSports series, and it allows players from all over the world to compete to be the best. The World Masters will have a whopping $250,000 prize pool and will crown the first-ever Gwent World Champion. A date for this competition is yet to be announced, but it will certainly entice players to sharpen their skills and prepare.

There are plenty of Twitch streamers who are helping to promote Gwent, and the upcoming release of Netflix’s Witcher series could give it a major boost as well. The mobile release next month may be the start of a great period of success for the game, and it could soon become one of the most famous eSports.



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