Check Out These Limited Edition Autographed PS4 HDD Covers

Over at Blitz PlayStation Magazine they are running a competition to win a wealth of Sony goodness, From a 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 console to a TV. But also note and check out these awesome autographed PS4 HDD covers from names like Nomura Tetsuya (Square Enix) and  Baba Hideo & Iwamoto Minoru (NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.)

Nomura Tetsuya (Square Enix)

Baba Hideo & Iwamoto Minoru (NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.)

Ryozo Tsujimoto Mr. (Capcom)

Satoshi Sakai (SEGA)

KuroSakinerishirube Mr. (“after school play” series authorship)

From what I can make out, To enter you need to buy the magazine and fill out a form. That said it’s also a Japan only competition I would imagine. Still they are nice!



Jim Smale

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