Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Review (Xbox Series S)

For our Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Review, Hunted by an enemy with untold power, a fighter and the creature under his protection begin a perilous quest to the edges of strange lands. You play as Pseudo, a master of martial arts who lives as a recluse in the strange land of Zenozoik. When you cross paths with the Boy, a small creature whose mysterious powers have attracted the attention of Gemini, the Mistress of the Artifacts, you decide to protect him, unaware that much greater forces are involved.

Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Review Pros:

  • Decent cel-shaded graphics.
  • 12GB download size.
  • 1000 Gamerscore.
  • Action adventure gameplay.
  • Gameplay settings – field of view slider, a field of view slider for first person view, Invert axis and sensitivity sliders, subtitle font size, team colors, and subtitles.
  • Rendering settings – style set to Clash (color) or black and white, lime size, line distortion, reduce effects, and animate lines.
  • Controller settings – Four presets.
  • 3 save slots.
  • Three combat stances – lightning, boxing, and Spear.
  • The opening combat tutorial section allows you to try and decide on your preferred combat stance.
  • Third-person perspective.
  • Tutorial pop-ups as you play.
  • Directional dodging.
  • Seamless transition between gameplay and in-game cutscenes.
  • Day and night cycle you control with a tent.
  • During the day you play as Pseudo and at night you play as Pseudo imaginary form.
  • The cauldron is where you craft/brew potions like health.
  • Health canisters refill when you sleep and will put in water, this will heal you but not as much if you were to brew water into a potion.
  • The training dummy is where you go to level up and improve your stats, set special attacks, and change your combat stance.
  • Combat feels weighty and impactful with lock-on and guarding easy to pull off.
  • Stamina-based system for blocking and running.
  • The ritual is a strategy chance mini-game that grants the winner use of an artifact for the fight afterward.
  • At any point, you can challenge an intelligent creature to a ritual but they can also challenge you.
  • Collect dice and shakers to improve your ritual victory chances.
  • Its a game that grows with you over time.
  • Charge up an attack where you grab the enemy, go into first person, and do rapid punches to then finish up with a throw or slam.
  • You can see the enemy’s health bar.
  • Collect materials and animals from the environment and as drops from fallen enemies.
  • When you die you respawn as your imaginary form and must retrieve your real body, a beam of light shoots up into the sky to help.
  • Open world.
  • You can kind of do as you want because it’s a very wide open active world.
  • Game over is triggered when you die as your imaginary form.
  • A fascinating world to explore.
  • The creatures and inhabitants are unique and somewhat intriguing.
  • Has strong Absolver vibes especially in terms of learning and creating your own fight style.
  • Totems in the world trigger a set-piece fight where you learn a new attack or stance. Afterward, Totems become a place to level up.

Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Review Cons:

  • Cannot rebind controls.
  • Slight performance hiccups such as slowdown and tearing.
  • Jumping is directed ahead instead of up in the air.
  • Combat gets bad at times like your punches are delayed, and your character doesn’t move or rotate as fast as he should be able to.
  • Dodging is a nightmare, especially the timing of it.
  • The tutorial pops ups lag behind what’s actually happening.
  • So hard to see what you can and cannot pick up.
  • No matter the field of view slider, you always feel too close.
  • Invisible walls.
  • You don’t get much help with guidance.
  • The game doesn’t use a clear picture of how strong an enemy is so you have to die repeatedly.
  • You don’t get told or any sort of notifications of what a totem fight victory grants.
  • Constant difficulty spikes.
  • Found the tutorial to be quite lacking.
  • Any combat scenario with multiple enemies is a mashy mess of luck and frustration.
  • Not the best for achievements as they require so much work and game time.
  • Hot detection is not great.

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Clash Artifacts Of Chaos:

Official website.

Developer: Ace Team

Publisher: Nacon

Store Links – 


  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Length - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Fun Factor - 8/10

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