Commander Legends, Magic: The Gathering’s latest card set, is out today!

Commander Legends Magic The Gathering’s latest card set is out today!

Wizards of the Coast has today released their newest card set Commander Legends, a love letter to Commander, Magic: The Gathering’s most popular format, and one which highlights the game’s rich history through a huge variety of playable cards, interesting mechanics and thrilling stories.

This brand-new product pulls from the rich history of the Magic: The Gathering multiverse to deliver fan-favourites as well as a selection of totally new cards. Creatures and characters such as Baron Sengir and Jeska from planes such as Lorwyn and Alara will make appearances and bring exciting gameplay to the Commander format.

Featuring 361 cards (165 of them brand new)Commander Legends is the first ever Commander set also designed to be drafted. Drafting is one of the most popular ways to play the game, letting players create 60-card decks out of cards pulled from randomized booster packs which guarantee higher rarity cards as well as foiled-finished cards in each pack. For more details on how drafting Commander Legends will work, check out the introductory post here.

Commander Legends is available now in participating retailers worldwide. More details about the mechanics of the set can be found here, as can more details about the design of the set here. A full list of all the Commander Legends cards can be found here.

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