Corpse Keeper Preview (Steam Early Access)

For our Corpse Keeper Preview, a very challenging action-strategy rogue-lite. You’ll need to lead a squad of three corpses to explore the grim and dark medieval world within the limited time, build a powerful army of the living dead, and finally kill the demon lurking in the deep end of the cathedral.

Corpse Keeper Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 5.66GB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Controller support.
  • Graphics settings – camera shake, window mode, resolution, motion blur, saturation, and flare intensity.
  • Opening text-based storyboard with hand-drawn art graphics.
  • Opening tutorial with a checklist and direction of moves to perform along with a video pop-up.
  • Parry attacks but the time is for a perfect parry and stagger your opponent.
  • Use soul crystals to make a soul strike attack. (special attack)
  • One-on-one fighter gameplay.
  • Unlock and use different stances.
  • After you kill an enemy you can loot their body and add items to your backpack.
  • Keyboard support.
  • Can rebind controls for both keyboard and controller buttons.
  • Ossuary is your hub, here you can create modified bodies for a stronger body.
  • The game flow is that of a room-by-room affair.
  • Loot chests can be found, a key garners all the rewards whilst brute forcing halves what you can get.
  • Meaty satisfying combat.
  • You can parry, perfect parry, roll, lean side to side, counterattack, etc.
  • A game loop is 15 days long.
  • At the end of a run/day, your current characters lose a predetermined amount of decay and can disintegrate.
  • Loot on you at the end of the day or when you go back to the Ossuary will bank them.
  • Area selection is done when you leave the Ossuary and each one shows the decay amount of your Corpse and enemy strength.
  • Collect materials like flesh and gems to construct a Corpse and then make them stronger.
  • A preservative potion can lower how much decay you lose.
  • In a run, you can have 1 to 3 characters.
  • Pre-run setup has you creating your characters, choosing a location (you can scout to see possible rewards/enemies), and filling your backpack.
  • A stunning bar fills as you attack and once full your opponent will momentarily be stunned.
  • A crazy state is where you lose control of your character for a short time.
  • Collect the Corpse of your fallen enemy and use them for yourself.
  • Different damage types like bleeding, lightning, poison, torn, etc.
  • Such a satisfying game.
  • When a Corpse gets defeated you choose the next one and carry on the fight.
  • Each enemy and each fighting style really make it a fantastic fighter.
  • After each fight, you choose a new random attack stance or choose to keep your current one, the Stat that changes shows beforehand.
  • Random events can trigger in rooms.
  • Teleport – out of combat you lose some items doing it but if in battle you lose most of your items.
  • Collect bones to create skeletons or break down skeletons to create bones.
  • Skeletons are attached to each fighter/character style.
  • Reading takes a whole day and grants you a random reward/buff.
  • The forging table is where you craft/strengthen and meltdown gear.
  • Put blood into the blood altar to permanently increase initial resources each round.
  • The corpse display rack shows off your best characters.
  • You can have up to 8 corpses/characters created at one time in your Ossuary.
  • The flesh can heal your corpses in the Ossuary but you can also house a Corpse in the coffin and they accrue health daily.
  • Each Corpse earns exp and levels up.
  • Just one more go.

Corpse Keeper Preview Cons:

  • Minimal graphics settings.
  • A lot to take in and this is bad due to the fact you have to work it out yourself.
  • The game does not help you at the start in any way.
  • Initially, the game is not very inviting.
  • Small backpack at the start meaning a lot of items get left behind.

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Corpse Keeper:

Official website

Developer: Melancholia Studio

Publisher: Thermite Games

Store Links –

Steam Early Access

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