Cyberpunk adventure game Primordia heads to iPhone/iPad

Cyberpunk adventure game Primordia heads to iPhone/iPad as Wadjet Eye Games is in the process of bringing its catalog of acclaimed adventure games to the App Store, and a new one is almost here! The cyberpunk adventure Primordia will be released for iPhone and iPad on September 21.

What happened to the humans? Ages have passed since Man walked the planet. In the desolate wastelands beyond the city of Metropol, a solitary robot named Horatio Nullbuilt and his companion Crispin spend their days combing the trash-strewn landscape for parts to repair their rundown airship and pondering the humans who came before them but are now merely the stuff of legend.

When a rogue robot steals the power core Horatio and Crispin need to survive, their peaceful existence is threatened. Now the pair must travel outside the safety of their remote home to the bustling city of Metropol, where the power search will yield unexpected discoveries about Horatio’s origins, his purpose, and the world he thought he understood.

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Created by indie developer Wormwood Studios with help from Wadjet Eye, Primordia merges the challenge and depth of old-school adventures with a streamlined interface and player-friendly design that has been fine-tuned for touch devices. The iOS version will be a Universal App for iPhone and iPad, priced at $4.99.

Primordia fun facts:

  • Originally released for Windows in December 2012, Primordia is one of Wadjet Eye’s best-selling games. It’s also a fan favorite ranked among the top 20 highest user-rated games on Steam.
  • Primordia’s lead writer/designer Mark Yolahem is one of the principal writers on the upcoming RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera, the spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment (a game that served as inspiration for Primordia).
  • The lead character Horatio is voiced by Logan Cunningham, the celebrated narrator of Bastion.
  • Primordia’s story has eight possible endings.


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Developer: Wadjet Games

Publisher: Wadjet Games

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