DARK SOULS REDEMPTION: Already Achieving Success and Ready to Expand!


DARK SOULS REDEMPTION, an original manga set in the universe of the hit FromSoftware game, was been released in France on 6th June and has already shown success with over 7,300 copies sold for Volume 1. It is a record-breaking launch as DARK SOULS REDEMPTION is currently the third-best manga launch of the year in France, among more than 250 new releases; the second-best French manga launch ever in France; and the best Mana Books launch in all formats since its creation.

But that’s not all! We are proud to announce that this manga fully created in-house, developed in partnership with Bandai Namco, is also being translated into other languages!

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Here is the list of countries where readers can already, or will soon be able to, dive into DARK SOULS REDEMPTION, an official new story set in the sinister world of DARK SOULS…

  • Japan: published by Kadokawa, available from 4th June 2024


  • Czech Republic: published by Crew, available from 6th June 2024


  • Italy: published by JPOP, available from 12th June 2024


  • Germany: published by Altraverse, available from 17th June 2024


  • United States, United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries: published by Yen Press, available from 20th August 2024


  • Latin America: published by Panini, available from 28th August 2024


  • Brazil: published by Panini, available from 30th August 2024


  • Turkey: published by Destek Yapim, release scheduled for late July 2024


  • Ukraine: published by Malopus, release scheduled for Summer 2024


  • Spain: release scheduled for 2025


Get ready, this is just the beginning…

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