Daybreak Games Announces ‘Justice League Dark’, New Episode for DC Universe Online

Daybreak Games has revealed Justice League Dark, a new episode heading to DC Universe Online on March 28th.

In this episode, a giant rift has opened in the sky above Gotham City, introducing ancient magic and the invasion of a massive, tentacled Daemon. Players must fight alongside familiar experts in the occult to protect Earth.

Justice League Dark features a large-scale episode, with level-agnostic event versions of content available to all players for a limited time:

  • New and returning heroes and villains, including Zatanna, John Constantine, Mordru, Doctor Fate, Felix Faust, and Shazam
  • A variety of singleplayer and multiplayer adventures set in several magical and otherworldly locales, including the House of Mystery
  • Player rewards, including new gear, styles, artifacts, base items, and feats

Learn more about Justice League Dark announcement here:

DC Universe Online just celebrated its 8th anniversary and remains the top 10 most downloaded free-to-play game on PlayStation. DCUO is a free-to-play action-combat MMO set in the fictional universe of DC Comics and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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