Death Roads Tournament Preview (Steam Early Access)

For our Death Roads Tournament Preview, Combine deadly racing, deckbuilding, and roguelike style to get car battles unlike anything before! Choose a driver, car, weapons, and sponsors to overcome tactical encounters. Adapt to an ever-changing race to come out on top and earn entry into the last safe haven in the Divided States of America.

Death Roads Tournament Preview Pros:

  • Nice graphics.
  • 914.42MB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, v-sync, anti-aliasing, render scale, fullscreen, props spawn rate, and graphics quality preset.
  • Game settings – Auto execution of actions, game speed slider, camera shake strength slider, and localization.
  • Card battler gameplay.
  • Opening tutorial section then pop-ups for the rest of the game.
  • Eight total drivers to unlock each with unique driver cards, starting gadget, and a skid deck.
  • The game takes place on a highway and each character is in a car. Each round you play your cards to ultimately destroy the other drivers.
  • Slick animations.
  • Apocalyptic setting.
  • Simply click on the cards to play controls.
  • Eight total cars to unlock each with unique starting decks and attachments like guns and Shields.
  • For every run you choose your starting position on the map level selects and a sponsor. Sponsors give buffs.
  • The map level selection lets you choose your route and each location is either – a city, an event, or a battle.
  • You are racing other drivers who are on their own routes.
  • Each round you get X amount of new cards to make your hand up to six.
  • Along with the cards you also get the special higher-spec driver cards that have a limited use in a game.
  • New car parts not only change stats but also add new cards to your deck.
  • Choose one of three random rewards after a game.
  • Outrun enemies and leave them behind to escape from them but you can only do it X amount of times before you get disqualified from the tournament.
  • Slow-motion kills.
  • Multiple choice encounters.
  • You can equip new parts from the rewards screen.
  • Additional enemies can spawn and attack you.
  • Debris and environmental hazards can appear. (you get a warning and turn notification)
  • You can see what a card can do and where it attacks before you play it.
  • Events have their own set of multiple-route encounters.
  • The garage is where you can view cards and sort out your deck and Vehicle in between levels.
  • Fast loading times.
  • A full breakdown of your run at the end.
  • Overall player level, earn exp from playing.
  • Cards dictate the length and direction of attacks.
  • You can ram cars aswel as using weapons and Gadgets.
  • Level up to get new cars, characters, and components.

Death Roads Tournament Preview Cons:

  • Cannot rebind controls.
  • No controller support.
  • Unskippable opening cinematic.
  • The music gets repetitive.
  • Bringing up a card/vehicle description fills the entire screen.
  • A lot to take in like learning the parts, currencies, and icons.
  • Outside of combat, the game feels quite empty and lifeless.
  • It never feels like I have a playable card half the time.
  • The tutorial is very basic.
  • No undo the last turn option.
  • Very easy to accidentally play a card.
  • Takes a while to get going.

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Death Roads Tournament:

Official website.

Developer: The Knights of Unity

Publisher: The Knights of Unity

Store Links –


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