Destiny: House Of Wolves Livestream Breakdown

On Wednesday 22nd April at 19:00, Deej (Bungie Community Manager) hosted a livestream straight from the studio with Christopher Barrett (Bungie Creative Director) and community member Gothalion.


The livestream took viewers through a live tour of the brand new social space, The Reef, which will serve as a key location for the House of Wolves story, and where players will be able to pick up new bounties and missions, and purchase new gear.


During the livestream Deej, Christopher and Gothalion revealed details about new content, new vendors and more, including:


  • Petra Venj will be the main story agent who will lead you through quests and story missions, rewarding you for hunting down members of the House of Wolves
  • The new mode, Prison of Elders, is a cooperative battle arena. Variks, a Fallen from the House of Judgement, is the Prison warden, and players will be able to acquire new gear from him through playing the new mode
  • Trials of Osiris, the other new mode introduced in House of Wolves, is a weekly competitive special event which will run Friday to Tuesday, and players will be able to get new rewards and supplies via the mode’s emissary Brother Vance, Disciple of Osiris
  • Bounties, Vaults and Postmaster will be accessible in The Reef
  • Any legendary or exotic weapon or armour will be upgradeable to full attack and defence


You can access the full livestream here:


Tune in next week, on Wednesday 29th April at 19:00 for more details on Trials of Osiris, featuring community member tripleWRECK, exclusively viewable here:


Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves, will be available on Tuesday 19th May. 

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