Destiny: New Farming Location Found!

So with Bungie nerfing all the previous farming spots including the notorious Cave on Earth, A new farming spot has been found by takeavvay on Reddit. The idea is simple, Go to Rocket yard on Cosmodrome, Clear the Acolytes,Servitor and other minions. Perch up on the red box on the side and kill the spawns from your left and head on.


Obviously to make it easier maybe take a few friends so each one can take a spawn. A few tips to remember might be to not pick up any legendary drops and instead let them go to the postmaster. This is due to the patch hitting this week that fixes the legendary engram issue where you usually get a blue. If you have a legendary engram on you come patch day, It will be automatically downgraded to a blue engram. Theory is that it may not effect mail man stock?

Jim Smale

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