Devolver Digital presents: Omnibus

Independent developer Buddy Cops and public transportation enthusiasts Devolver Digital are proud to announce a multi-billion dollar deal to publish next-to-last-gen out-of-control bus simulator OmniBus this Spring on PC, Mac, and Linux.

The notorious – some might say completely fictional – development history of OmniBus has been well documented since its original announcement as a Jaguar launch title in 1992. After a series of technical issues and a tense relationship between the two studio founders that led to several cancellations of OmniBus, the game is now feature and micro-feature complete and ready for launch via Steam, GOG, and Humble. What was once thought as vapourware has now triumphantly returned to end the coming Indiepocalypse. Amen.

“After over two decades of development we’re absolutely thrilled to finally ship OmniBus and let gamers experience the world’s premier OmniBus simulator” said developers Amir Badri and Jeremy Crockett, together at exactly the same time.

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OmniBus is the world’s premier next-to-last gen physics game about the most powerful bus in the universe that can’t stop or even slow down for reasons incomprehensible to the simple human mind. OmniBus must complete missions at the behest of citizens as its speed increases to unsafe levels and without landing on its head or sides. OmniBusdrivers will choose from the bizarre mission mode, thrilling trick mode and versus multiplayer mode for up to four players to achieve goals, set high scores, and receive total enlightenment.

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“OmniBus will revolutionize the way we all think about video games and buses as it totally changes the public transportation video game simulation paradigm,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Our team debated not even releasing OmniBus as it will make the rest of our games look bad in comparison.”

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Deep Emotional Narrative: Throughout history man has looked to the noble bus in times of chaos and turmoil to bring peace, prosperity, and a lift to those that it serves during hours of operation. Slay demon buses, harvest space corn, and transport astronauts to a wedding as the legend foretold to become the one true OmniBus. There’s also a pretty cool level with a football field on the top of a skyscraper.

Multiplayer Derby Mode: Jump into the chaotic free-for-all multiplayer versus mode where drivers are pitted against each other in a high score trick mode or the visceral deathmatch mode sure to raise tensions down at the bus depot.

Free Play Trick Mode: Choose your favorite bus and pull off unbelievable jumps, flips and twists to hit incredible high scores and impress friends, family, and other OmniBus drivers on the leaderboards.

Cutting Edge Everything: OmniBus has the best of everything from graphics and sound effects to physics and an options menu. This is the future. This is OmniBus.


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