Diablo III PATCH 2.4.1 Introduce New Transmogs, Pets and Wings

Blizzard continue their streak of supporting a game most have forgotten about. Here in Patch 2.4.1 due to drop soon, Blizzard have finally given us the opportunity to find WINGS! oh and some new pets if thats your thing.

Patch 2.4.1 is around the corner and treasure hunters should take note—a few new surprises we’ve bundled in might just catch your eye!

Diablo 3 PATCH 2.4 (7)

New Transmogrification Items

We know some of you enjoy effortlessly slaughtering demons… and looking damn(ed) fine while you do so. To ensure your ensembles don’t grow stale, we’ve added several new transmogrification patterns in the form of common-quality items that drop off of named entities or rare chests scattered across the world of Sanctuary.

Some of these items will be found in the bounty-ridden realms of Adventure Mode while others can drop off of specific Rift Guardians. Get ready to get hunting!

New Pets

Only a small number of non-combat pets have previously been made available to Diablo III players, and many of them have only been obtainable through special promotions or Seasonal rewards. Everyone deserves a chance for a new friend, so we’ve introduced our own to provide some curious new companions to those who track him down.

Extra Rewards for the Extra Diligent

A few extra-rare rewards have been sprinkled across Sanctuary. Some are rarer than others, but they’ll all present some challenge to track down. Know that only the most dedicated nephalem are destined to rock these special cosmetic items!

Source: Blizzard


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