Donkey Crew reveal a new trailer and announce 2020 release window for their Nomadic Survival MMO Last Oasis

Last Oasis

Independent developers, Donkey Crew have announced today that their Nomadic Survival MMO, Last Oasis, will be entering Steam Early Access in Q1 2020. The team has also revealed a new trailer today, giving players a glimpse of the world that awaits them, between the ice and the heat.

Watch the new Last Oasis trailer, here

“At launch, we want the experience to stand out from other Survival games”, said Donkey Crew’s Project Lead, Florian “chadz” Hofreither. “That means taking more time to refine the gameplay and add more content. We’ve decided to continue improving the game alongside out community into 2020 to ensure Last Oasis reaches its full potential.”

Last Oasis is set on Earth thousands of years in the future. A cataclysmic event has destroyed the moon and halted the planet’s rotation, plunging it into two extreme environments. One habitable strip of land sits between razor sharp ice and darkness and the burning desert wasteland, slowly moving as the planet rotates around the sun. A day now lasts a year and the only way to survive is to keep moving. The remnants of humanity have built a large waking city, Floatilla, from which unwilling nomads must be sent into the passing oases to gather necessary resources to keep the city moving. Outside the city walls, warring clans clash in bloody battles over resources, territory and alliances. Not many return alive.

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