Dragon Fantasy Book I Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Muteki, an indie developer of 16-bit era homage games, is heading to a new console!  A classic-inspired RPG tale, Dragon Fantasy Book I, is heading to the Nintendo 3DS.  Read all about Muteki’s plans for the rest of 2014 at http://mtki.co/2014-the-half-way-mark-more-or-less/

“We’ve talked about this a few times now but it’s time to make it official,” said Bryan Sawler, President of Muteki.  “We’re in the final testing phases before submission and cannot wait to get this out and into the fans’ hands.”

Originally launched in 2011, Dragon Fantasy Book I received an upgrade in 2013 on PS3 and PSVita that included a new 16-bit mode, re-mastered music & interface, and a reworked second chapter including a Tower of Trials.  Here’s a quick rundown of the added or modified features coming to the 3DS version:

Removing the random battles? Well, Mostly Check.  When travelling on the world map, battles are still random. Any time you’re in towns, caves, dungeons, or caverns they’re not.  This encourages more exploration and minimizes the length of time it takes to fully explore a dungeon.  Instead, monsters will take a step each time the hero does; players can elect to face monsters on their own terms or even avoid them completely.

Letting Ogden gain some allies, so he doesn’t have to grind all by his lonesome? Check!  In addition to this often-requested change, the bottom screen is now used to give players ample information on their adventures, including a map, a quest log, the inventory screen, and the beastiary.  So:

Quest log? Check. 
In-game map? Check.
Purchasing of multiple items at once? Check.
Bestiary to track what’s been defeated? Check.
Improved inventory system with sorting and filtering? Check!

Of course, being a 3DS game, 3D support will be included, in all of its delicious Mode 7 glory.  3D is optional and Dragon Fantasy Book I can be played on a 2DS!  Keep watching the Muteki blogFacebookand Twitter for the official release date of the 3DS version, as well as more information on the upcoming PC/Mac/Linux version of Book I!

Jim Smale

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