Dragon’s Prophet Receives Huge Mounted Combat Update

The evolution begins: For all dragon fans and fantasy lovers, 2014 is beginning on a high note. The online role-playing game Dragon’s Prophet just received a major update for mounted combat. A trio of healing, tanking, and damage skills are now available for dragons, which allows for a more dynamic combat experience and creates entertaining fights for players to enjoy. Whether a player wants to specialize in a single area or be more versatile, it’s entirely up to them! But that’s not all: The update also includes the new high-level dungeon “Shrine of Handras”, which offers fresh obstacles for Osirans to overcome.


The new teaser shows the mounted combat skills in action:

he new features give the game more depth, let the players develop an even stronger relationship with their dragons, and results in a more dynamic flow of combat!” says Marco Neubert, Director of Brand Management.
Another highlight of the patch is the legendary Dungeon “Shrine of Handras“. Explorers will find the entrance to the fully submerged instance in the southeastern region of Olandra. Inside the shrine, brave adventurers will find a number of belligerent water monsters, dangerous whirlpools, and five fearsome bosses. Only those who have paved the way through the algae forest, past sunken ships and giant clams, will face the final battle with the dragon Handras. The new trailer shows the bosses of the instance at a glance:
·        Markoran the Salt Scorned
o        Thick with muscles, this boss attacks with its octopus-like arms and uses dark ink to confuse the attacker. 
·        Oxient the Razorshell
o        Brandishing a huge anchor, Oxient traps players inside the large air bubbles he creates. 
·        Mezani the Shrouded Spines
o        With wings that overshadow the whole battlefield, Mezani circles from above and attacks the player with strong swirls and strikes.
·        Akeno the Vortex
o        Akeno is a titan on the field of war. Even the strongest heroes have to hide when he attacks. He can toss around players with ease by ramming into them. 
·        Handras the Indigo Fog
o        The skeletal dragon Handras is the final boss of the dungeon and exhibits a special, mysterious heart in his chest. Only when the puzzle around the heart is solved do the heroes have a chance of defeating the boss dragon. 
All information about the new features and the dungeon, as well the client download, can be found on the official website:http://www.dragonspropheteurope.com

Jim Smale

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