Dungeon Alchemist Preview (Steam Early Access)

For our Dungeon Alchemist Preview, we ask the question have you ever felt uninspired, technically challenged, or just bored when creating your game maps? Well, let us introduce you to Dungeon Alchemist, an AI-powered map-making application that enables you to make high-quality content fast and it is just so easy.

Dungeon Alchemist Preview Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • 3.88GB download size.
  • Steam Workshop support.
  • Remote play together support.
  • Ai-powered map maker gameplay.
  • Brief initial tutorial pop-ups but you have a dedicated and in-depth help menu.
  • Click what you want, drag the size and shape and just press create to get a room ready to go.
  • You can tweak room themes, sizes, layout, lighting, effects, walls, windows and so much more.
  • You lose time creating these unique pieces of fantasy expression.
  • Can play the whole game with just the mouse.
  • The top-down view is standard but you can change it and zoom in and out.
  • Auto saves and temporarily backs up Creations in case of crashes or bugs.
  • When creating a new map you can set it as a digital or printable version.
  • Digital map template options – width and height, terrain type, elevation, vegetation l, water, room placement, and weather.
  • Printable template options – paper size, width/height/tile size, terrain, elevation, vegetation, water, room placements, and weather.
  • Full terrain control from raising to flattening and anything else you can think of.
  • The animations of the Creations building are hypnotic.
  • Fast loading of Creations.
  • Handy search bar to find objects.
  • You don’t have to use the room creation tools and instead do the old school building like selecting each individual object.
  • Edit room lets you instantly change the theme and style of the room.
  • Lighting can be the color but also the shadows and it all happens in real time.
  • Place and manipulate individual objects.
  • Works on a grid-based map.
  • Placing new doors and windows is as easy as dragging and dropping, the game will say if you can put it there.
  • Cinematic mode lets you fly in and around the map, and interact with your creation like opening doors, you can record video and take photos when in this mode.
  • An absolutely perfect fit for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.
  • Export map options – format, file type, perspective, lighting, image quality, export size, color scheme, grids on/off, shape, and transparency.
  • Takes no time at all to create something.
  • Handy undo and redo buttons.
  • Place character models.
  • Steam Workshop is baked right in and is really easy to use, download maps and items from others but also share your work.
  • You get what you put into it.
  • Tweak the Ai settings for room creation.
  • Hover over for a text pop-up.
  • Very addictive.

Dungeon Alchemist Preview Cons:

  • No Steam achievements yet.
  • It is only a fantasy theme at the moment.
  • So much to take in and learn.
  • No controller support.
  • You get what you put into it.
  • It doesn’t have any support for importing maps into virtual tabletop software or games like tabletop Simulators.
  • Steam Workshop is so easy to use that you can lose track of and download a lot of data!
  • Just like the Steam Workshop, videos can soon fill up your hard drive!
  • The cinematic stuff takes a lot of time to perfect.

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Dungeon Alchemist:

Official website.

Developer: Briganti

Publisher: Briganti

Store Links –

Steam Early Access

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