Early Access Steam Roundup

Early access games are creeping onto the steam store as of late, As these games are in essence unfinished, We decided to put  an article together showing off just a handful of the many games already available on Steam.Here are a few games you should checkout.


+Old school isometric  view turn based sci-fi RPG. Very much influenced and compared to the original Fallout games.

+Very polished game despite being in Alpha state.

+Huge in depth character customization.

+Adding features such as psi abilities, Build and use traps, The game offers more than Fallout games do.

+One of the few games where playing it is believing it. You don’t need me to say anything other than its brilliant.

+Built by one guy which is incredible. The game is made by gamers for gamers and it shows in its execution towards perfection.

+Smooth GUI, Easy to master controls and a clever combat system, The game has it all.

-The alpha is short, Especially as the game just keeps you playing it more and more.

-Few little bugs but come on it is early access for a reason and they are not game breaking in any way.

-Text can be a bit too small, See I am nit picking little things as the game is just too good.

You can expect a full review once the game is officially released. All we aim to do here is tell you a few good things and its angle, The rest is up to you and fortunately I started with one of the best games on the Early Access program.

Paranautical Activity:

+Fast FPS rogue like shooter with randomized levels and pick ups.

+Minecraft looking graphics and running at lightening speed.

+Pick ups to increase your chances of survival.

+Loads of enemies and bosses to battle through.

+Different game every time.

+For people who want a Binding Of Isaac the shooter!

-Game wont be to everyones taste due to the speed and view used. Yes you can change the FOV but it can mess the whole game up in some cases.

-Over before you started.

-Not for people with slow reaction times.

-Getting lucky with the pick ups can have you breezing through the game no problem. Luck is more important than skill it feels at times.

With many updates coming out for this game and a dev team committed to listening to their players. The game changes a lot and even now this mini preview could be horribly out of date. In short the game is a fast paced shooter based with random arena level stages with pick ups. A solid game that needs a few more game types but as is, Is a brilliant little time waster.


+Atmospheric WW1 online FPS game, With some gritty detailed graphics.

+Excellent level design with good sfx and music from time.

+Play with the same squad and level up your squad ranking, Unlocking new abilities for your team.

+Team death match with a capture the base mentality.Free for all for you lone wolves out there.

+As you rank up you can see the appearance of your guns and uniform change.

+Have to give merit for all the new ideas brought to the genre like the squad leveling up, Roles assigned and upgrades.

+The game plays smooth aided by configurable controls, with the 360 pad an option. The game plays and feels like the classic Call Of Duty games from the same time.

+Loads of video options to get the game looking and running well on most rigs.

+Huge emphasis on teamwork and how important it is to win.

+Pick one of the 4 roles and make it your own by unlocking new equipment and abilities through ranking up. You earn exp by capping objectives and killing the enemy.

-Text overlaps other text making it really hard to see whats what.

-Lack of any decent tutorial or even a practice area make new players feel isolated and lost.

-Few network issues stopping some functionality of the online team sections.

-The game has a high amount of camping and whilst learning this is extremely annoying.

-Just need more explanation of what we are doing and how to do things without resorting to Google.

-More maps and game modes need to be added to keep it fresh.

Updates are coming for the game and it is totally playable in its current state. The longevity of the game is slightly weakened by the small number of maps and modes but progress is being made. For people who like WW1 games then this will not ruin anything for you. Call Of Duty games from back in the day is fair comparison to this game, It plays and looks just like COD 3 before all the kill streaks and emblems destroyed it. Get a group of mates together and fun can be had albeit in short casual sessions. Keep an eye on this one as good things will happen, I have a feeling.


More games on the early access program will coming to the site as we give you a brief glimpse of what each game is offering. Please do bear in mind all of these games are in no way finished are are all subject to changes as the developers listen to feedback and adjust.



Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!