Echoes of Elysium Unveils Epic Gameplay Trailer at IGN Live Event

Echoes of Elysium releases its epic gameplay trailer this week at IGN Live. Loric Games has parted the clouds by unleashing airships across the skies. In the first video since the game announcement, players now see the full scope behind Echoes of Elysium. Transported to a mythical ancient world, players will craft, survive, and battle clockwork denizens of the gods. Only to launch across the islands in the sky aboard their own custom airships. Once sky bound, players can battle, compete for resources, and explore this lost oasis.

Join the Echoes of Elysium team on Monday, June 10th for a special play through of the game live on Twitch! Sign up to playtest Echoes of Elysium this weekend and look for more updates this summer.

Echoes of Elysium

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Key Features

Your Airship Home in the Skies 
Command the skies as you build, thrive, survive, and harness the power of your airship. Don’t just survive in the skies, thrive! Build and protect your floating citadel against the dangers of the clouds. Grow food, craft tools, and build amazing clockwork contraptions, all from the comfort of your airship..

No More Punching Trees!
Harvesting resources should be fun! Tired of punching trees?  Leverage your airship to gather mass quantities of wood using a saw blade cannon and nets.  Gone are the days of collecting five pieces of wood for two hours!

Build a Fleet and Conquer the Skies
Build a fleet of airships with your friends, explore and conquer the skies. Create a unique single purpose ship for mining or crafting, then build a massive leviathan for an epic raid. Fight, board and conquer enemy flying armadas.

A Hero in the Afterlife
Elysium holds beauty and danger in both of her ethereal hands. Created by the gods, this vast oasis tests the mortal souls who enter. Filled with clockwork monsters and guardians bent on taking over, players must hone their skills and build upon their creations to become captains of the skies with the hope of restoring Elysium to its former glory.

Coop – Better with Friends.
Work alone if you choose, or bring friends and fly together. Pilot through the clouds as your mates fire the turrets or craft ammo on deck for the next battle! Careful though, you don’t want to accidently ram your friends’ ship. Playing as a team on one ship or form-up in a fleet for giant boss fights. Everything you experience in the game has been designed to be better with friends.