Ed 0 Zombie Uprising Preview (Steam Early Access)

For our Ed 0 Zombie Uprising Preview, we need to slaughter the Dead, Face the Unpredictable.A rogue-like action where traditional Japanese characters (Samurai, Sumo Wrestler, and Ninja) destroy hordes of zombies. Since everything is randomly generated each time you play, no run will be the same. Need to make harsh decisions to survive.

Ed 0 Zombie Uprising Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 7.33MB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – window mode, resolution, v-sync, fidelityFX super resolution 1.0, fps cap, brightness and graphics quality preset.
  • Action adventure gameplay.
  • Opening and ongoing tutorials.
  • Controller settings – Invert axis and sensitivity sliders, auto tracking camera and rumble strength slider.
  • Can change the how close the camera is.
  • 3rd person perspective.
  • Loot has a cool coloured beam of light coming out of them.
  • Game settings – damage numbers on screen, blood splash, and flowing blood.
  • Loot has rarity levels.
  • Quick select and use wheel on the d pad.
  • Health bar starts off as hunger so eating replenishes it but once hungry your health bar will go down.
  • KuKu Village is your hub town where you can get blessings, use the Dojo and donate money to open up new facilities.
  • Blessings of the sacred tree is where you pour virtuoso earned from completing feats in game and can enhance stats or even gear.
  • Manual of secret arts are scrolls that once read, can be set as new fighting techniques in your loadout/abilities.
  • In game art cutscenes.
  • You can skip the cutscenes.
  • Run based roguelike.
  • Every run randomise the path, the enemies, loot and portals.
  • Random screenshots appear at game over and you can save them if you like.
  • You keep cash and virtuoso earned but lose items, books/scrolls and anything else.
  • Charms can be found and equipped (max 10) and can add effects and buffs to your character.

Ed 0 Zombie Uprising Preview Cons:

  • Tutorials are not great.
  • Enemies are proper bullet sponges.
  • Nothing about the different portals is explained.
  • Your hunger bar goes down really quick.
  • Only certain items will replenish your health, everything else will fill your hunger.
  • The lick on is weak and not good enough to maintain a combo.
  • Enemies hit way too hard.
  • All runs start off the same and that’s demoralizing.
  • Hard to see enemies at times.
  • The music doesn’t really fit the game.
  • When changing resolution the screen will change in real-time.
  • The controller doesn’t work so well in the graphics menu.

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Ed 0 Zombie Uprising:

Official website.

Developer: LANCARSE Ltd


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