Eternal Winter Survival in a new glacial period coming to Steam Early Access NOV 24

Eternal Winter (1)

A survival game that takes place at the beginning of a new glacial period. You must adapt to the severe conditions, face very low temperatures, avoid becoming animal food and search for supplies.

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This game was inspired by:

The long dark: To me this game paved the road for new takes on the survival genre, I thank Hinterland studios for showing us that it is possible to create an amazing survival experince by just using elementes from our known natural world (not aliens,zombies,robots,etc,ect). The worst enemy to face on a survival game can always be nature itself.

Dayz: Epic world scale and vehicles , we plan to deliver a huge map, and in order to move around it without constantly dying you will need some wheels.

Minecraft: I do not even need to explain this one, In my opinion one of the biggest influences of modern survival games.

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About the game:

Single Player Survival Mode (Alpha)
You are on your own on a hostile winter environment. You must adapt to the severe conditions, face very low temperatures, avoid becoming animal food and search for supplies. A new glacial period has begun, how long will you survive?

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Stay alive

To do this you will have to take care of your hunger, thirst, blood and fatigue levels. This will be a hard task to undertake in such a hostile environment. The lower the temperature the more calories you spend, getting attacked by a wolf can make you bleed to death unless you use a bandage, moving to a new location can mean dying in the middle of nowhere if you do not carefully calculate the supplies you need for the trip. These are just a few of the situations you will have to deal with in order to survive in Eternal Winter.

This is a perma-death game, once you die you have to start over and your save file is deleted.

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-Huge map filled with interesting locations to explore and safe houses to loot.
-Well balanced survival mechanics inspired by the real needs of the human body. These include:
-Blood loss
-A day/night cycle that affects the temperature and other factors in the world.
-A diverse wildlife to hunt or run from: Bears, wolves, boars, rabbits, foxes.
-Vehicles to make moving around the extensive map easier.

-A simple yet effective looting system.
-A fully functional saving system.

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You can follow the progress of the game on their Twitter account

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