Fan Made Brawler: He-Man The Game, Demo Released

Fan made games can always be a grey area, So when I got news of a He-Man game, My immeditate thought was “awsum!” After a few mnutes I calmed down and thought about it a bit more. Could one of my childhood cartoons really be a good game? Well I downloaded the demo which is available for free and gave it a shot.

The game looks really really good. Like How I remember the TV show good. All original sounds and voices have been lovingly added to the game. You can pick a handful of characters including Sorceress,He-Man, Man At Arms and even Orcco. The game is a simple two button 2d brawler. Think Streets Of Rage/Final Fight. The demo allows you to go into the forest and train. By train it means practice but whatever.

A few key things I took from the game are:

  • Graphics/animations are really well done.
  • The sound is exceptional.
  • The controls are bind able and game pad support is included.
  • Extensive option menus for everything from RAM uage to resolution to graphics used. So many options.
  • The actual gameplay is fun due to the controls being sdo tight and responsive. Pulling off combos is easy and fun to watch. The combat fluidity is one are where it beats the like ofs SOR and Final Fight hands down.
  • Levels are plentiful and broke up into fighting sections and a scrolling free running type section. I, as He-Man rode Battle cat and had to destroy bots and enemies by lunging at them and avoiding boulders.
  • Backgrounds look like they were lifted straight from the TV show.
  • Has leaderboards albeit local.
  • Built in screenshot capability.
  • Cheat mode which I havent looked at in great detail.
  • Local co op with upto 4 players able to jump in.
  • Combo meter that really works!
  • Collect items to increase score and earn extra lives, Rescue civillians.

Some not so nice things about the demo:

  • Very repetitive, By like level 6 you know whats coming and what to do.
  • Only one boss fight at the end and it has Beastman running around and you can hit him, But no damage.
  • Hard to judge where boulders are going and even picking up loot is a pain as you cant make out where you need to walk.

Despite only being a demo, The first signs are it has so much potential. Now its a shame this will never get an official release as the guy behind it is a very talented man. The possibilities of where to take this are mind boggling. PSN,Steam been a few examples of platform with drop in/out co op. Attack Snake Mountain or defend Castle Greyskull. But as is it is a fun short little game, Perfect for a bit of nostalgia and button mashing. A port has been done for Android and iOS but I have yet to try them on there. You can download the demo of the PC version here. The PC version download actually comes with the .apk file for Androind.

I recommend at least trying the demo as it is a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for future updates!



Next character to arrive is none other than She-Ra! Here is a video of her in action:

Jim Smale

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