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Here is a short handy how to kind for a few of the most commonly asked  Vita questions. We will look to do a follow-up feature going into a bit more detail on other ways to modify and use your PlayStation Vita.

Can I play PSP games on my Vita:

Yes a wide range of games PSP games are playable on the Vita. You can check here http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/02/09/how-to-download-psp-titles-to-ps-vita/ to see if your game is compatible, But in a weird change of events the list may not always be the truth. The list basically reflects on games that can be downloaded through your Vita via your store download list. However people have got games not on the list working by simply transferring it over to the Vita from your PS3.

How do I transfer PSP games onto the Vita:


Two methods exist for game transfer onto a Vita, this works for PSP, PS1 and Minis. You can either re download the games through your download history on your Vita, But of course it may say the game wont work when in fact it will. The other method is to download them on your PS3 and leave them as a bubble form on your XMB, Then connect your vita up with the supplied USB cable and using the built-in Content Manager the Vita will pick the games up so you tick which games you want to transfer.

Can I play PS1 games on my Vita:

YES! As of the latest firmware update v1.80 you can now download PS1 games onto your Vita, Again Sony released a list of titles compatible for this, But again as with the PSP games, You can sometimes get un listed games to work simply by transferring them via the PS3. The list as it stands can be found here:

US:  http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/08/27/ps-vita-system-software-update-v1-80-take-the-tour-2/

you will notice the poor show of support for americans, But because of this is how the whole PS3 transfer method came to light.

Can you customise your home screen:

Yes you can, A few ways in fact. You could either go onto your PC and grab some images and resize them to fit. Or find a Vita home screen site that has images already resized and ready to go. Which ever one you pick you connect your Vita up to your PC via USB and using Content Manager you select the images you want and they will transfer. Once there you simply go into your photo album bubble on your Vita, Select the photo then press and hold the image and a menu will pop up, simply select set as home screen. Job done. Of course the other way and most simple way is to find those Vita home screen sites and goto them from your Vita’s web browser, Then its just a simple case of finding an image you like and selecting it and holding on it and saving the image. Use the same method for setting the home screen.

Of course you can also change the bubbles position, Just hold the home screen again until it goes static then just press and hold the icon and move it to your desired location. Simple and looks great when you position them to enhance the background picture.

How do you back up your saves/games:

This can be done by connecting your Vita via USB to either a PS3 console or a PC.



After hooking them up it’s just a case of launching Content Manager and selecting Back Up.



It will then tell you how big the file will be and how much memory is left. Click continue and that’s it, A status bar will appear and the rest is self-explanatory

How do I delete games:

Games are deleted by pressing and holding somewhere on the home screen until the icons all go static and you have a box outline and all bubbles have a … on the top right.



Select the … of the game you don’t want and you will get three options: delete, update history and information.



Simply select delete and you will get a prompt.



Read and understand this as its important, As of now deleting a Vita game will actually delete all game data including saves so BE WARNED. deleting PS1, Minis or PSP games delete just the game as saves are in a separate folder. The folders location is displayed to aid you in finding them.

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