Feature:Greed Monger Kickstarter

Imagine, if you will, a land teeming with life; forests, rivers, animals, monsters… and nothing else. No buildings. No people. Welcome to Greed Monger, a land that will literally be shaped by its players, where unlimited opportunity and infinite danger lurks on the horizon of every footfall.

In Greed Monger the first players will set foot into an unpopulated world and begin building the foundations of civilization. With crude tools made from bones and wood, and huts made of little more than mud and hay, will flourish true civilization that will advance over time. A unique dynamic quest system will establish towns, cities, inns, and more. Players will battle, loot, and tame the land, expanding ever further into the vast wildernesses of harsher climates in their quest for ever better tools to continue their conquest. Combat is not the end, it is merely the beginning, as players will join together to construct massive structures, beautiful works of art, and create the very story within the game.
Greed Monger is a free to play experience, where players can fight, hunt, and gain skills as much as they want. If a player desires they can purchase a land parcel, which will allow them to construct their very own house, trader stall, and more. After this, a player can sell their land and the structures on it in a real cash transaction, giving real world impact to their virtual lives.
The kickstarter event still has 16 days to go! This is the only opportunity to purchase large scale land parcels. After the event closes, purchases will be limited to a set number of land areas. For single players, gain access to the game for as little as $25. For guilds, from $300 you can own a 16 player guild with 16 parcels of land and have your village on the world map at the start. This goes all the way to the grand daddy of them all, a $3,500 Royal Castle on your own 60 parcel island with access to 65 of your guildmates. No matter your budget or if you are in a guild, there’s a package for everyone. Find out more at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/appleton/greed-monger-a-crafting-focused-sandbox-mmorpg

Housing/Crafting Features

  • Launch Day – (Nothing in the world but Land, Animals, Monsters and Nature. You will build the world around you.)
  • Non Instanced Player Owned Housing (You buy the land from us, you then build whatever will fit on it.)
  • Decorate Your House However You’d Like
  • Every Finished Item In Greed Monger Is Player Crafted (Everything!)
  • The More Land Parcels You Own, The Bigger House You Can Build
  • Greed Monger Is Free To Play
  • No Global Chat, Only Person To Person Above Head Chat (It’s time to bring back the sense of real community MMO’s used to have!)
  • Player Vs. Environment Combat
  • Player Vs. Player Combat
  • Fast Map Travel System (Find a map on the ground left by another player and you will fast travel to their home or shop, provided you have enough food in your pack.)
  • Raid Monsters (Some controlled by the Devs)
  • Full Player Driven Economy (Auction system will only be used for Estate Sales. Weapons, Armor and other items will be sold person to person only.)
  • Player Written Lore Based On Adventures (Amazing tales will be told and submitted by players and guilds alike. These stories may be selected as part of the official Greed Monger Cannon)

Other Game Features

  • Community Events
  • Regularly Added Recipes and Plans For New Item Types
  • Charge Players Rent To Access Your Land (For Hunting/Harvesting Rares)
  • Ages Of Time and Technology will evolve with Population and Economic Growth (Evolve into the space age as a population and you may discover a means to settle new planets! All you will be allowed to take with you is what you started the game with and that’s all you’ll be allowed to bring back.)
  • Ever Growing Housing Style Options For Each Climate.
  • Multiple Climates/Landscapes Will Be Available At Launch
  • Resell Your Estate For Real Money In Our Estate Auction House
  • No Micro-Transactions (GM Fully Supported From Land and Estate Sales)
  • No Pre-Defined Skills Trees (Learn all the skills you’d like, but you’ll only be able to use a selection of combat skills at any given time.)
  • Animals/Monsters Only Drop Materials To Craft Items, Not Finished Items.

So in summary:

Greed Monger is a 3D Free To Play MMORPG with a focus on crafting, economics and politics.

Inspired by the likes of Ultima Online, Greed Monger will bring back elements of true MMORPG Gaming since been lost in the corporate watering down of this formerly exciting genre, which many of us have been missing for years such as Non-Instanced Player Housing, Rares Dealing, Sand Box Style Skill Variety and much more.

Though Free To Play, Greed Monger will be financially supported by means of a Land Ownership System whereby players will be able to purchase Land Parcels for a price of $20 each for a maximum of 4 parcels per player (Parcel Limit Not Enforced During Kickstarter Campaign Only). These parcels of land will be used by players to build their housing which they will decorate with items they craft themselves.  If a player ever decides to leave Greed Monger, they will be able to sell their Estates through our Estate Auction Service of which we will take 15% of the final sale to transfer ownership rights to another player.

This game really does sound good and now that it has funding we have something to look forward too.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!