FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 for Windows PC out now

Square Enix Ltd., today announces FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2, the second instalment in the FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy, is now available for Windows PC across Europe and PAL territories, priced at £12.99 / €15.99.
The Windows PC launch of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 includes a number of new features such as 60 FPS support from launch, customisable rendering resolution (720, 1080 and more) and Japanese Voice support with subtitles. Due to fan feedback, the previously releasedFINAL FANTASY XIII for PC will also receive the custom resolution update from today.

As earlier announced, the Windows PC release of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 will also feature a whole host of downloadable content from the original console version*, including:






·         Opponent: Omega
·         Opponent: Lightning & Amodar
·         Opponent: Nabaat
·         Opponent: Ultros & Typhon
·         Opponent: PuPu
·         Opponent: Gilgamesh
·         Serah’s Outfit: Summoner’s Garb
·         Serah’s Outfit: Beachwear
·         Serah’s Outfit: White Mage
·         Noel’s Outfit: Battle Attire
·         Noel’s Outfit: Spacetime Guardian
·         Noel’s Outfit: Black Mage
·         Mog’s Outfits: A Wondrous Wardrobe
·         Sazh: Heads or Tails?
·         Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
·         Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 reveals further world-changing events from the amazing mythology as presented in the original FINAL FANTASY XIII, now featuring both familiar faces and new characters. The story of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 can be enjoyed by those without knowledge of the previous title, and by series fans – who will find plenty of interesting references to the original story. The game offers larger, more interactive environments with multiple pathways to explore, and many secrets to find.

The FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy began in March 2010 with the release of the originalFINAL FANTASY XIII and continued with its sequel, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, released in February 2012. The most recent release in the FINAL FANTASY XIII series, LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY XIII, launched on 14th February 2014 to critical acclaim and will be available for Windows PC in spring 2015. The series has been widely successful, shipping over 11 million units worldwide.
FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 for Windows PC is available now from the Square Enix Store andSteam. For more information on the FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy, please visit:  

*The side story episode “Lost Report” has not been included in this version. Please be aware that weapons and outfits that involved collaborations with other franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, are not included in this version

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