First Look At BreakQuest Extra Evolution

this First Look At BreakQuest Extra Evolution shows off an advanced sequel to BreakQuest, the unique physics game launched together with PlayStation Minis back in 2009. The all-new BreakQuest: Extra Evolution will be available for €3.99 in Europe and $3.99 in the US PlayStation Stores
BreakQuest is back and is twice the fun! Stunning visuals and shapes, energizing physics, and exciting sounds! Enjoy 100 completely redesigned action-packed levels, each featuring its own colorful design, elements behavior, and visual effects.
BreakQuest Extra Evolution
An advanced physics and collision system gives a never-seen-before interactive experience for your pleasure. And don’t forget about weapons and power-up bonuses, the amazing Gravitor which attracts the ball to you, and the unique Energy Shield which helps you keep the ball on the level via an always-generated energy shield. Breaking bricks has never been so fun!

Here’s a brief history lesson for you. The original game was released back in 2004 on PC by Spain-based Felix Casablancas and Nurium Games. It was the best breakout game at its time, as it featured something very unique for the genre: fully interactive physics. We were big fans of BreakQuest, and when Sony introduced us to PlayStation minis in 2010, we decided to bring BreakQuest to the mini platform last fall with BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, which was quite successful.

BreakQuest Extra Evolution Features:

·         100 exclusively designed levels with new stylish art
·         10 unique bosses to defeat! Each attack with a special weapon!
·         Unlock new space shuttles; each comes with an activated power-up!
·         Unique energy shield mechanics to help the player control the ball, including endless Gravitor energy
·         21 achievements for an outstanding performance to reward players
·         New power-ups and bonuses to smash and crash blocks
·         All new music tracks, created by the SandS band
BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, heading exclusively to PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita platforms next week in Europe and North America as PlayStation Minis exclusive.

Jim Smale

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