Foosball 2012 Review (PlayStation 3)

For this Foosball 2012 Review Grip Games brings Foosball to us for both the PS3 and the PlayStation Vita. Finally, you have the chance to play Foosball on the go. looking like a true contender, let’s see how it fairs……

Foosball 2012 Review

Foosball 2012 Review Pros:

  • Decent Graphics.
  • Cross Buy – Buy it on PS3 and get the Vita version free.
  • Two sets of Platinum trophy lists.
  • Cross-play between PS3 and PS Vita.
  • Cloud saves, Allowing your save to be on both consoles. So playing it on PS3 and then going over to the Vita brings the save with you to carry on, Then go back to PS3 and it will have your save
  • The PS3 version uses Move and it works really well. You use the controller and hold it much as you would at a real Foosball table pin, turning it to spin the pins, It is accurate and responsive
  • The touch screen on Vita works really well, To the point where on the Vita I would say it was the best control method, You use the left stick for the pins, and touch screen you swipe the screen in the direction you want to shoot
  • Loads of customization options from table selection to new balls and even new players such as bolts, mafia hit-men to royal guards
  • The campaign is a reasonable offering, boasting 4-5 hours depending on skill
  • The game really gets going on the higher difficulties, more frantic and fast-paced which suits the whole game perfectly
  • Online is solid and playing with friends is easy to set up and fun to play
  • There are options to change how you control your players such as all the poles at once or individually
  • Camera change is also present allowing you to play it on the overhead view
  • Special moves make an appearance with a risk-reward mechanic attached. Using one requires you to charge the gauge (by taking shots, passing) and then pressing one of the face buttons, The risk being you have to take your hand away from shooting/passing controls and press a button, timing your shot or leave yourself wide open. The reward is you get a super shot off that most goalies will struggle with and a near-certain guaranteed goal! Different moves do different shots, one does a passing along the line animation then shoots when the goalie is off guard
  • You unlock new tables, players, and balls by beating teams in the world tour mode
  • Stars are earned for your performance in world tour matches. 3 stars (the max) are awarded for a shut with 2 being for a win and 1 for a close match
  • You use stars to unlock new moves and bonus cities
Foosball 2012 Review

Foosball 2012 Review Cons:

  • Music is bad and starts to grind after a while. Custom music would have been an amazing addition
  • Lack of ability to save replays or matches in general. This would have been good since we get treated to a replay after each goal
  • Had a few instances where the ball clearly crossed the goal line but it didn’t count, Instead just hovered along the line just for the keeper to clear it
  • The game is actually harder to play and learn on the easier difficulties
  • With the cloud save, It would have been nice for trophies to sync over between the two. I finished the game on PS3 but have no record of it on the Vita except in the career progression.

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Foosball 2012 Review

In summary, I enjoyed every minute of this game, The fact that you buy it once but get it on both consoles is a huge plus for any gamer. Scoring goals is satisfying and really rewarding. Tough games make you appreciate the game even more, Having to pass and time your shots, is pure awesome. There is no definitive version, The PS3 has move and force feedback while Vita has a touch screen and portability.
As it is a small download there really is no reason to not have this sat on your console and played daily.

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