GameSessions Brings PC Game Rentals to Retail via GameSessions Cards

GameSessions, a new service that uses super-fast downloads to give players a chance to play full games for a pre-determined period, today announced a brand-new product for retail game stores,GameSessions Cards . These physical cards allow retailers to benefit from the growth in PC gaming without having to service a full PC section within their stores. By offering the GameSessions cards to their consumers, retailers also help gamers discover and access great games, while showing their commitment to the PC audience, which has seen its retail options shrink over the last five years.

GameSessions Cards allow gamers to rent console quality PC games for hours, days or weeks. The player simply and redeems a code beneath the card’s scratch off panel to receive their free super-fast download of the full game. After the rental period is exhausted, the gamer can either rent more time, buy the game outright in order to continue playing, or pick up another card at their favorite retailer.

GameSessions will soon be announcing its first retail partners for GameSessions Cards.

“We believe these cards are a great way to let gamers buy an evening’s worth of entertainment on a new game for less than the cost of watching a movie in a theater,” Ed French, CEO of Tangentix Ltd.

“Retailers have been looking for ways to participate in the sale and distribution of digital games for the past several years and GameSessions Cards are an innovative way to do just that,” said Chris Deering, Chairman of Tangentix Ltd.

In collaboration with Codemasters, which was recently announced as GameSessions first partner, every delegate to the Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco will receive a free GameSessions Card in their delegate bag which will give them two free hours to play DiRT Showdown GameSessions Edition .

About GameSessions
A GameSession is a trial of the full game, with the whole experience digitally delivered to your PC via new super-fast download technology. You get to play the aspects of the game that interest you for a time determined by the publisher and then if you like the game, you can purchase the whole game instantly, in-game. There’s no waiting for a different version to be delivered, the GameSessions Edition is simply unlocked and you can play on from where you left off.

Once downloaded, you can explore the game as you wish. If you like action-packed, full-contact racing, you can spend your trial putting pedal to metal on courses from Miami to Michigan, or if you want to send your rival’s cars to its metallic death by plunging it from an elevated arena, then Knock Out is going to be your mode. With GameSessions, you’re not tied to a ring-fenced demo – so enjoy the whole game, however you choose. All the code is running on your PC, so you can get a good idea of how much you like the game before you part with any money.

GameSessions will work for nearly every title available on Steam, and after you purchase the game, it joins your Steam library and is managed and, if necessary, patched from there.

GameSessions is from Tangentix Ltd, a team of keen and bright programmers, who also happen to be gamers, based in the UK. It has been born from new mathematics developed at the University of Bradford and a series of patent-backed innovations that change the way games are discovered, delivered and purchased. The company is venture backed and has deals with a number of major publishers and media partners.

Jim Smale

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