Garden Life: The New Game That Will Make You Cultivate Your Garden!

NACON and still alive studios are pleased to unveil the first images of Garden Life, a sandbox gardening simulation game where players can plant, cultivate, decorate and manage their own oasis of serenity. The game will release in early access on Steam in Spring 2023.

Create and nurture the garden of your dreams in this unique video game experience where your creativity takes precedence. You’ll be able to choose the plants and decorations that make up your ideal garden while customizing your tools and accessories to create a unique visual theme that suits you.

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Enhanced by a warm style and gameplay close to real-life gardening, this game takes you into a soothing world. Surrounded by a comforting visual and audio environment, Garden Life allows you to bring your garden to life by growing authentic plants such as flowers, shrubs, and vines.

Utilizing unique procedural generation and advanced growth simulation technology, no two plants are identical, just like in the real world. Keep your garden thriving by taking into account the weather conditions, giving your plants the care they need, and being rewarded by discovering new varieties.

Jim Smale

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