Gears of War: Judgment Launches This Week

This week marks the launch of Microsoft and Epic Games’ “Gears of War: Judgment”, the newest instalment of the award-winning series that has become one of the most iconic and popular gaming franchises of this generation. Developed exclusively for Xbox 360, “Gears of War: Judgment” immerses fans in the most challenging “Gears” game yet, with intense new multiplayer modes and a campaign that takes you back to the immediate aftermath of Emergence Day – the defining event of the “Gears of War” universe. “Judgment” launches in the US today, and in the UK on Friday 22nd March.

“Our goal for ‘Judgment’ was to deliver a riveting experience that gets back to the gritty action that defined the original ‘Gears of War,’ while also pushing the franchise into some bold, uncharted territory,” said Epic Games Senior Producer Alan Van Slyke. “With its unique testimonials-based story, dynamic combat systems and huge variety of brand-new multiplayer modes, ‘Judgment’ is our most innovative ‘Gears’ title since the original, and offers countless hours of heart-pounding entertainment.”

Set years prior to the events of the “Gears of War” trilogy, “Judgment” follows Kilo Squad, a team of battle-hardened warriors comprised of the fearless Damon Baird, Augustus “The Cole Train” Cole and new characters Sofia Hendrick and Garron Paduk, as they attempt to save the besieged city of Halvo Bay from a terrifying new enemy. Developed using the latest Unreal Engine 3 technology, “Gears of War: Judgment” is the most visually stunning instalment in the series yet, and features an exciting gameplay experience that captures the true essence of “Gears” combat.

“Judgment” introduces several firsts for the franchise, including a dynamic “Smart Spawn System” that changes enemy types, timing and locations with each encounter, as well as a “Mission Declassification” system that lets players experience more challenging scenarios by uncovering critical information during the course of the campaign. Additionally, “Judgment” features a host of exciting new and classic multiplayer experiences that will keep players engaged for hours after they complete the campaign, including competitive modes like OverRun, Domination, Free-for-All and Team Deathmatch, as well as a new cooperative gametype called Survival.

In partnership with Epic Games, “Judgment” was developed by People Can Fly, the acclaimed studio renowned for their work on visually and technically stunning action games, including “Bulletstorm,” “Painkiller” and “Gears of War” for PC. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help create a new chapter in such an iconic franchise, and hope fans and new gamers alike will see the dedication both of our studios have put into making this one of the must-have titles of 2013,” said People Can Fly Studio Director Sebastian Wojciechowski.

Developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by Epic Games and People Can Fly, “Gears of War: Judgment” delivers an intense campaign featuring new characters, weapons and enemies, and new multiplayer experiences. The “Gears of War” series is one of the most popular franchises in Xbox history, having sold more than 19 million games worldwide, and spawning New York Times-bestselling novels, toys, collectibles, graphic novels, and more. To learn more about “Gears of War: Judgment” and the “Gears of War” franchise, please visit:

“Gears of War: Judgment” is available for pre-order today for £49.99 ERP, with initial launch quantities including a Games on Demand Xbox LIVE download token for the epic game that started it all, “Gears of War” (at £19.99 value). GAME is also offering an exclusive steelbook edition of “Gears of War: Judgment”, a collector’s item that comes with a premium steel casing featuring unique art on the front, back and insides. In a first for the franchise, all fans who pre-order from participating retailers will receive the Classic Hammerburst weapon in-game, providing a competitive advantage in the multiplayer experience. Additional retail-exclusive pre-order incentives are also available (for more information, please visit

Furthermore, to give you a leg up on the competition, the VIP Season Pass for “Judgment” will be available at launch for 1600 Microsoft Points, providing players with a more than 20 percent discount across a broad range of content, including six multiplayer maps, two new modes and nine exclusive unlocks.

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