GOG.com Now Supports Linux with DRM-Free Games

The DRM-free digital distributor delivers on its promise: games like Pirates! Gold Plus, Flatout 1 and 2, and CLARC, available for Linux for the first time ever.

GOG.com has put in some serious work. As promised in their announcement earlier this year, the team has just leveled up on its quest to bring all gamers together: welcome, Linux community! It’s still summer, and over 50 of the 100 games GOG.com promised for Autumn are already here! Additionally, 23 of those titles are officially Linux-compatible for the first time ever thanks to GOG-made custom builds and the hard work of its cracking team of testers. GOG.com will provide support for the two most popular Linux distributions: Ubuntu and Mint with DEB installers, but other Linux gamers will also be able to download distro-independent archives so they can easily run our games too.

There is something for everyone in the launch lineup–from classic DOSBox titles like Rise of the Triad: Dark War or Bloodnet, to recent and new indie releases like Kentucky Route Zero, CLARC and Gods Will Be Watching. Additionally, as a welcome gift for the Linux community, some of the classic titles are getting an up to 75% Linux launch discount (PC and Mac users are welcome, too) until the end of the week.The full list of Linux-supported titles complete with all additional information is available HERE.

More classic and new releases for Linux are already in the pipeline and will keep popping up across GOG.com’s catalog on a regular basis.

Now, for the recent titles. We’ve got some indie games with native Linux versions that finally find their well-deserved spot in our store. Among them, debuting on Linux, CLARC – a well received original comedic Sci-Fi puzzler. On top of that, be on the lookout for two new additions to the GOG.com catalog: Gods Will Be Watching (coming in a couple of hours) and Unrest:Special Edition (Linux build coming right up!), both of them very fresh and intriguing. This is the very first time we can provide you with all the PC versions of a premiere game, and we will continue to do so in the future. If there’s a Linux version of a title we’re releasing, our aim is to deliver it to you Day-1. But enough about us, let’s talk about the games. Here’s what you can be playing on Linux today: 

Anomaly Warzone Earth 
Bionic Dues
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold – first time on Linux!
Blake Stone: Planet Strike – first time on Linux!
Bloodnet – first time on Linux!
CLARC – first time on Linux!
Darklands – first time on Linux!
Don’t Starve + DLC
Dragonsphere – first time on Linux!
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
FlatOut – first time on Linux!
Flatout 2 – first time on Linux!
Fragile Allegiance – first time on Linux!
Gemini Rue
Gods Will Be Watching
Hocus Pocus – first time on Linux!
Kentucky Route Zero
The Last Federation
Legend of Grimrock
Litil Divil – first time on Linux!
Long Live the Queen
Normality – first time on Linux!
Pinball Gold Pack – first time on Linux!
Pinball World – first time on Linux!
Pirates! Gold Plus – first time on Linux!
Realms of the Haunting – first time on Linux!
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender – first time on Linux!
Rise of the Triad: Dark War – first time on Linux!
Shattered Haven
The Shivah HD
Sid Meier’s Colonization – first time on Linux!
Sid Meier’s Covert Action – first time on Linux!
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Slipstream 5000 – first time on Linux!
Space Pirates and Zombies
Stargunner – first time on Linux!
SteamWorld Dig
Super Hexagon
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Sword of the Samurai – first time on Linux!
Unrest:Special Edition (Linux build on the way!)

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve put more than half of these titles on a special promo! Head out to the promo page and find out which of them you can get up to 75% off until Tuesday, 9:59AM GMT. Of course, all of the games from the list above that you already own will be updated with Linux versions with no additional cost for you, just as you might have expected from GOG.com. 

“OK, but how will Linux support actually work on GOG.com” – you might ask. For both native Linux versions, as well as special builds prepared by our team, GOG.com will provide distro-independent tar.gz archives and support convenient DEB installers for the two most popular Linux distributions: Ubuntu and Mint, in their current and future LTS editions. Helpful and responsive customer support has always been an important part of the GOG.com gaming experience. We wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to Linux, and starting today our helpdesk offers support for our official Linux releases on Ubuntu and Mint systems.


Jim Smale

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