Gran Turismo 6 Academy Demo OUT NOW!

You can now download the Gran Turismo 6 Academy 2013 demo from the PSN store. Weighing in at 1072GB.  Here’s your chance to fulfill your dream in becoming a professional race car driver. The GT Academy 2013 is a driving school open for a limited time, where you can experience Gran Turismo 6 in advance prior to its release.Players will experience circuit driving guided by GT Academy racing driver Lucas Ordoñez, and learn sports driving skills while attempting to shorten their lap times. The main stage for the Academy is the holy ground of motorsports, the Silverstone circuit. Feel the excitement of the final selection round!

The GT Academy 2013 online qualifiers will run from Tuesday July 2nd to Sunday July 28th. Those ranked in the upper ranks will gain access to the upper levels of the competition.


2 July 2013 until 30 July 2013 GT Academy 2013 demo available for download from the PlayStation®Store
2 July 2013 until
18:59 EDT 28 July 2013
The GT Academy 2013 online qualifying event in the demo is available. Please note that the other demo events will be available until 10:59 EDT 31 August 2013
August 31, 2013, 10:59 EDT Expiration of the GT Academy 2013 demo


 Connect to the PlayStation®Store from the XMB (cross media bar) of the PlayStation®3, and download the free GT Academy 2013 demo.

 Begin playing the demo. As the demo progresses, GT Academy 2013 will become available, consisting of 5 events. Play the first 4 non-competitive rounds of the demo. Residents of GT Academy 2013 participating territories who progress to the 5th and final round (GT Academy 2013 online qualification round), will be required to accept terms of agreement before proceeding. These terms will be displayed in the demo before the online qualification round and you should only participate in the online qualification round if these terms are acceptable to you.

 The result attained in the online qualification round will be used to determine which entrants from GT Academy 2013 participant territories may progress to further stages in the competition. Your ranking within your participating territory will be displayed, so aim for the top!

 If you are eligible to progress to further stages of the competition based on your results in the online qualification round, we will contact you using the details registered in your SEN account. Please double check that your contact details in your SEN account are up to date before the end of the online qualifying period on 28 July 2013.

Check your SEN account

• All contents of the demo are available to those living in and out of GT Academy participant territories. However, please be aware that those in non-participant territories will not be eligible to participate in the online qualification round.
• Competition entrants must be aged 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply, for more information, please check the “Terms and Conditions” section.
• Sony Entertainment Network (“SEN”) account required and subject to terms of use and availability, check the terms.

GT Academy 2013 Participating Territories

Region Group Territory No. of Qualifiers to National Finals No. of Qualifiers to Race Camp Race Camp Date
From Online Event From Live Event
Europe France France 16 8 6 4th – 12th September
Italy Italy 16 8 6 4th – 12th September
UK UK 16 8 6 4th – 12th September
Spain Spain 9 5 4 4th – 12th September
Portugal Portugal 7 3 2 4th – 12th September
Holland Holland 8 4 3 4th – 12th September
Belgium & Luxembourg Belgium 8 4 3 4th – 12th September
Luxembourg 4th – 12th September
CEE Poland 4 2 6 4th – 12th September
Czech Republic 4 2 4th – 12th September
Slovakia 4 2 4th – 12th September
Hungray 4 2 4th – 12th September
NNE Sweden 4 2 6 4th – 12th September
Finland 4 2 4th – 12th September
Denmark 4 2 4th – 12th September
Norway 4 2 4th – 12th September
Russia Russia Russia 24 4 14 28th September – 4th October
Germany Germany Germany 16 8 12 28th September – 4th October

Thanks to the official site.

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