Guilty Gamer: Games I Shouldn’t Like But I Do

phoneix wright


I thought I would make a small post on games that I have enjoyed playing. Games that the gaming community have labeled as rubbish or not worth the time. We all have them if we were honest with ourselves. A bad game now a days is based on score, score on other peoples opinions, a bad game to one could be game of the year to the next player. That in mind this thread makes a bit more sense.


alaskan adventure


Cabelas Alaskan Adventure:

A hunting game that the critics panned. It had shoddy controls, dull uninspiring graphics and really boring game play, just a few of the terms penned when you look up reviews on the game. I enjoyed it as to me graphics are a nice to have, not a must have. Yes the controls were a bit shaky but as with all games, if you invest the time then you soon learn to use them and it doesn’t become an issue. Game play is down to personal choice. I for one didn’t mind the whole tracking animals, sometimes sitting in the forest waiting hours to kill a baby female deer. Its a hunting game for Christ’s sake, I have never been on a hunt but I’m willing to bet its not as easy as “right you bear over there BOOM head shot” then pack up your stuff and off home you trot. I bet they have to do some level of tracking and camp up and wait for their target. Using instruments to attract them, picking the right gear etc. I knew what the game wanted to do and I went in with that knowledge, so to me it didn’t let me down. It even had fishing and ice fishing thrown in there. I reckon a lot of the negative reviews boil down to reviewers expecting the game to hand everything to you on an achievement score gathering platter.


vanishing point


Vanishing Point:

Racing game for the SEGA Dreamcast. Bad reviews came in with handling been the worst offender. The game had promise until this point. Using licensed cars, good ad campaign and overall did a good job of revving gamers engines. When it arrived it got taken apart. The way in which the game plays out is a lot different to other racers at the time. It was a time trial race style game where you had to complete the race as fast as you can (what a weird concept tsk) whilst your opponents raced at the same time. Another game mode had you do stunts, timed runs, pop balloons, do crazy jumps and the like. This again at the time felt like a new way to do things. Not all gamers/reviewers liked this, hence the bad reviews. I would say that all though I completely agree with the handling issue, it is able to be resolved. The more time you put in it, the more you get out. The controls are just really loose and going full lock on a corner will spin you out regardless of the car. Keep at it and you will be rewarded with a decent racer. The graphics are good and as said it has a huge library of licensed cars. The extra game modes are a fun alternative and a great way to unlock new cars and parts. The game is hard, its not a case of get the best car and you will breeze it. Oh no far from it, you need to master the tracks, the controls. The game gave us a different way to play racers and I still play it to this day. I appreciate what they tried to do.


worlds scariest police chases


Worlds Scariest Police Chases:

Based on the TV show of the same name, released on PlayStation One. The game suffered from really bad graphics and repetitive missions. I liked the game just purely because of the commentary and camera work. Minus the graphics, I actually felt part of the show! sad I know but here in the UK we wouldn’t get games like this based on our versions of the show. I mean who would wanna play a game where you have to hunt down a guy a nicked a tractor after attempting to ram raid tescos with a trolley!


This is only a small post but its got me to thinking what other games have been deemed bad, but yet I have got enjoyment from them. I’m willing to bet there is a lot of Xbox 360 games but that’s a different story. That would focus more on playing the game despite how bad, just to get easy gamer score points. Those days are now gone thank god, but the memories are still there. Expect more of these guilty gamer posts in the future.

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