Hasbro Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition Review (Board Game)

Hasbro Monopoly Ghostbusters Edition Review

So I absolutely hate Monopoly, (perfect way to start a review amirite) always have as it encourages cheating and the first person to play has a huge advantage and so on. Anyway, I bought Ghostbusters Monopoly because Ghostbusters is awesome and because Fortnite monopoly was so good it swung me around to the possibility that these licensed spin-off games could be good.

To the gameplay and it may say it has unique Ghostbuster events and locations but the core gameplay is unchanged from normal Monopoly. In fact, the only things different are you can use the Ecto 1 squares (train stations in og monopoly) to travel between them for a cost, roaming vapors (community chest) give random good and bad cards and boss squares. Boss squares I thought would be like in the Mario monopoly whereby every chip in and fights these massive bosses for rewards and it’s all kinda cool. Nope, boss fights here are just two people rolling dice each and trying to beat a pre-determined score to get cash or pay that amount of cash to petty cash (free parking).

Hasbro Monopoly Ghostbusters Edition Review

They have done the cheap way of making a licensed Monopoly spin-off, they got cheeky by changing just enough to make it different but leave so much of the original gameplay that everyone knows it.

I came away dissatisfied and disappointed with it all, the game went on far too long, the game just dragged with the boss fights to be boring and never felt worth the effort. OK, so the player pieces were alright but again bare minimum. The hotels and that were just containment units and ghost traps. It was just all too simple and unappealing.

If like me you thought this might be a good one of those think again, only buy this if you really like Monopoly or if you want to play Monopoly but with a very small twist. Otherwise, leave it alone and never look back.

Jim Smale

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