Have a Satisfactory Christmas with FICS*MAS

Today, the seasonal FICS*MAS event in Coffee Stain’s factory-building simulator, Satisfactory, begins! The event will run in-game from 1st December 2022 until 31st December 2022.

Players can settle in for the festive season with the return of the in-game advent calendar in the HUB Terminal bursting with themed gifts. Players can also look to the skies for giant gifts and gain seasonal knowledge with the Festive Research Tree.

The seasonal event for Satisfactory is available now from the Steam and Epic Games Store in Early Access.


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FICS*MAS Update Key Information

–       Satisfactory Themed Advent Calendar

–       Players can access the Themed Advent Calendar to the right of the HUB Terminal and access new daily gifts each day from 1st December 2022 until 31 December 2022.

–       Interacting with the Calendar will bring up a mini-puzzle game, giving players a chance to collect additional items.

–       Giant FICS*MAS Gifts

–       Look to the skies for the elusive giant gifts! These gifts will appear floating down from above near the players

–       The gifts will fall via a parachute and land in random places on the map (including the top of trees and clifftops).

–       Types of Gifts

–       Players can look forward to a variety of gifts available for the event including:

–       Seasonal decorations and ornaments

–       Festive skins

–       Snow, snowballs, and candy canes

–       FICSIT coupons

–       MAM Christmas Research Tree

–       A brand new research tree called “FICS*MAS Holiday Event” is exclusively available during the event.

–       Unlocked in MAM, the research tree only requires Tier 3 tech

–       Use scheduled daily rewards from the Themed Advent Calendar to unlock contents and further players research


About Satisfactory:

–       Satisfactory is a vast first-person factory builder set on an exotic alien planet. Playable for 1-4 players, Satisfactory focuses on space exploration and the freedom to build complex, unlimited structures. Satisfactory launched in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 19th 2019.

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