Humanity Review (PlayStation 5)

For our Humanity Review, where we play A unique blend of puzzle-solving and action-platforming. Play a lone Shiba Inu charged with commanding massive, marching crowds to the goal in Story Mode, or browse a wide array of user-made levels crafted via the in-game Stage Creator!

Humanity Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 5.20GB download size.
  • Platinum trophy.
  • You get the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game.
  • PSVR2 (PS5) and PSVR (PS4) compatible. (optional way to play)
  • Controller settings – Invert axis and sensitivity sliders.
  • Puzzle platform gameplay.
  • Opening tutorial levels.
  • Gameplay settings – cutscenes on retry, time controls, and retry keep commands toggles.
  • User stages and creator BETA modes.
  • Haptic feedback.
  • It all plays out in a 3D game world.
  • Full camera control complete with zoom-in and zoom-out.
  • Solution videos – view how to complete the level whenever and how many times you like. It does keep a record of your stats, however.
  • Goldy is a big Gold guy that can be collected for unique rewards.
  • You play as a dog that can freely jump around. You lay down commands to direct the crowds of people to the light.
  • Has a Lemmings feel to it all.
  • The crowd will go in the direction you set until they hit another command or fall foul of a hole/environmental hazard.
  • Collecting Goldy is optional.
  • You can fast-forward time.
  • The impressive amount of people on the screen at one time.
  • You can skip the cutscenes and interactions.
  • Has a methodical approach to problem-solving.
  • The user creates levels that are available to play are all cross-platform.
  • I like how you can go and set up this domino rally-style solution and when you hit the first direction to set it off… Chefs kiss.
  • Such a satisfying feeling when you work it out or rework a route for the optimal path.
  • Auto saves regularly.
  • There is a central place where all the rescued people/souls and Goldys go and here is where you select levels to play.
  • Each level shows how many stages and how many Goldys are in them.
  • Watching levels play out is such a magnificent thing.
  • In-game cutscenes.
  • New powers unlock as you play such as jump, high jump, and switches.
  • Player and Creator Level rankings, play history, etc. – are tied to
    your PSN account, so will carry over from PS4 to PS5 as long as you are using the same PSN

Humanity Review Cons:

  • Cannot rebind controls.
  • A lot to take in initially.
  • Music is an acquired taste.
  • Had a few soft lockups when in the menus.
  • It’s not always clear what you need to do.
  • Takes a bit of getting used to.
  • Stage creator is not available in VR.
  • The early game is a bit rough as you don’t always get a lot of time to look around.
  • Frustrating when you can’t see or work out where the Goldys are.
  • Playing as the dog is good but he moves so fast that it can get tricky.
  • The camera isn’t as reactive as you would like.

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Official website.

Developer: Enhance

Publisher: Enhance 

Store Links –


  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Accessibility - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Length - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Fun Factor - 9/10

Jim Smale

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