HumanitZ Preview (Steam Early Access)

For this HumanitZ Preview, we play a co-op, top-down, open-world survival game in a world ended by the zombie outbreak. As one of the few human survivors, try to last as long as “humanly” possible. The past can’t be changed, but you can make a difference today for the future of humanity.

HumanitZ Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 19.1GB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, v-sync, graphics quality preset, post-processing, foliage, shadows, textures, view mode, and max fps.
  • Full controller support.
  • Two ways to play – Single-player and multiplayer.
  • Zombie survival gameplay.
  • Eleven professions for your character – unemployed, mechanic, junior biodiesel researcher, emergency medical technician, apprentice gunsmith, amateur boxing, farmer, food service worker, Sunday fisherman, car salesman, and outdoorsman. These give buffs.
  • Character creator – male/female, face, skin, facial hair, hairstyle, upper wear, lower wear, and footwear. You can just randomize if you wish.
  • Optional tutorial prompt.
  • Blood – on/off. 
  • Mouse settings – cursor size, color, Invert zoom, and sensitivity sliders. 
  • Two initial modes – Single-player, and multiplayer. (scenario mode shows but it is locked)
  • The Survival Guide is basically the game manual offering tips and all the information from the game. 
  • Optional replayable tutorial. 
  • Game setup settings – permadeath, clear infection on death, disable eagle eye, airdrops, weapon break, respawn loot, loot respawn time, loot rarity, airdrop every X mins, zombie difficulty, hostile human difficulty, zombie amount multiplier, zombie respawn timer, animal respawn timer, starting the season, days per season, day duration, and vital rain. 
  • Best played with a mouse and keyboard. 
  • You get to choose your starting spawn point and get a brief bit of Intel before deciding. 
  • You can basically loot anything from cars to coolers to toolboxes and houses. 
  • Crafting can be done both at a table and freely from the menu. 
  • Rebind able controls for the keyboard. 
  • Zoom in and out. 
  • A torch is important for night but it does run off batteries. 
  • Vehicles can be driven if you manage to fix them first. 
  • Space is king for you need to find backpacks etc so you can carry more. 
  • Encumbered is in the game and every item has a weight tied to it. 
  • Movement is done with the WASD keys and the mouse is for aiming. 
  • You can stomp and kick down zombies. 
  • All the meters are at play like food, hunger, health, etc. 
  • Drag and drop inventory system but if you have space then you can auto-pick up. 
  • Uses different weather types. 
  • The map fills in as you explore but you do get a marker to show an objective. 
  • Excellent sound effects and noises. 
  • Save when you want. 
  • Auto saves regularly. 
  • You can pause in a single-player. 
  • Play and do what you want. 
  • A fantastic atmosphere. 
  • Melee and ranged weapons. 
  • Cars can trigger alarms that bring zombies in. 
  • Earn exp and level up to get skill points to put into the three skill trees – survival, combat, and world. 
  • When you eat or drink you can still move albeit at a much slower pace. 
  • Multiplayer has a server browser and the ability to make a private room with a password. 
  • Find items to make life easier like a compass to help the map Coordinates. 
  • On the map, you can place your own markers. 
  • Isometric view. 
  • Make fires to cook food and purify water. 
  • Toxic gas can hinder you unless you find a gas mask. 
  • Has strong vibes of State of Decay but without a home base and a lot slower.

HumanitZ Preview Cons:

  • When in big-picture mode, even if you don’t touch the settings the screen size changes and never goes back.
  • Using a controller is bad as all the prompts are not clear, the game would still require mouse input and the prompts were not shown for the controller buttons. 
  • Not the best loading times. 
  • Never clear what cars can be driven. 
  • You have to be pinpoint and precise to interact with anything. 
  • Sucks that you can repair certain cars but you cannot strip other cars and all car pieces are just random loot drops. 
  • So much to take in. 
  • The controls however you cut it are clunky and not that smooth. 
  • Constantly having inventory issues with so little space. 
  • All the writing is so small from items to the menus. 
  • The music that is always playing is fine but very one note. 
  • Hard to see at times not just at night but also in houses. 
  • Takes a long while to get going from the slow speed to the constant resource management. 

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Official website.

Developer: Yodubzz Studios

Publisher: Freedom Games

Store Links –

Steam Early Access

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