I Am Jesus Christ Prologue Out Now on Steam

I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue will provide access to a free, short version of the game in which players will explore ancient Nazareth and the lifestyle of that time. Indie game developer and publisher SimulaM is releasing the prologue I Am Jesus Christ, a  first-person retelling of the story of Christ, on Steam today.

I Am Jesus Christ Prologue

In this prologue, players will experience being tempted by Satan in the desert and turn water into wine as his first miracle.

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I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue will feature 2 gameplay modes: a normal one for experienced players and a story mode for new players who don’t want heavy challenges.

I Am Jesus Christ Prologue

The estimated length of the prologue is over 1 hour. The full version of I Am Jesus Christ is planned to be launched in Q2 2023.

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