Indie Game “Mushroom 11” Will Feature Music from Electronica Supergroup The Future Sound of London

Indie developer Untame is announcing that their upcoming puzzle platformer Mushroom 11 will feature an ambient soundtrack by supergroup The Future Sound of London (FSOL), who pioneered electronic dance music in the 1990s.
The licensed music can be heard in-game this Wednesday, March 19 through Friday, March 21 during hands-on demos at the Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, where Mushroom 11 is an Independent Game Festival finalist for the prestigious Excellence in Design award. A public demo will follow at PAX East in Boston, April 11-13. A gameplay clip featuring one of the licensed tracks can be viewed here:
Mushroom 11 is a game about destruction. In an empty, desolate world, you are an amorphous organism that can only move by destroying its own cells. Removed cells immediately regrow elsewhere on the organism, so you can move, reshape, and even split yourself freely. This cerebral gameplay challenges players’ logic skills as well as their reflexes, set to ten beautiful and electrifying tracks licensed from FSOL.
“As a fan of The Future Sound of London growing up in the 90s, it is an honor for me to announce this cooperation,” says Itay Keren, Mushroom 11’s designer. “FSOL’s music is a true inspiration for the entirety of my work, including the dark, desolate world of Mushroom 11. I couldn’t be prouder about incorporating their music in my game.”
Mushroom 11 is under development for PC/Mac as well as multiple console and handheld platforms. To learn more aboutMushroom 11 and its indie developer, visit

Jim Smale

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