InkyPen, the comic book subscription service for Nintendo Switch

InkyPen is a brand new subscription service for Nintendo Switch, and the first world wide media application on this console. It allows comic book and graphic novel fans to read what they want, when they want.  Simply download from the Nintendo eShop, subscribe and start reading.

A large catalogue of graphic novels and comics will be available from all over the world,  including U.S. comic books, manga and European comics. You can read your favorite titles on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode or in TV mode, but also discover new ones through exploring the catalogue and content suggestions based on your interests.
Watch our announcement video before anyone else! (video will go live on the 21st at 10 am CET).

The subscription-based service gives users access to the full catalogue for 7.99€ / 7.99$ a month. Titles included will come from famous publishers like IDW, Valiant, Dynamite, les Humanoïdes Associés, Titan or Andrews McMeel; more publishers will be announced soon. Some of the comic series that will be available from the beginning are: Transformers, Judge Dredd, Dungeons and Dragons, The Metabarons, Warhammer; and others based on well-known video game franchises like Dark Souls, Dishonored or Assassin’s Creed. Inkypen will also be “webcomic friendly”: its catalogue will include popular webcomic titles like Girl Genius or The Wormworld Saga.

The InkyPen team will be at Gamescom, available for interviews from Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd, at the Nintendo Gamescom Area booth. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you want to book an appointment!

A subscription service for everyone

InkyPen started out as a conversation between Ronan Huggard, with a background from the TV Broadcast industry, and Peter Meldahl, CEO of the indie game company Rain Games; both of whom share a passion for comics and believed that the industry needed a better way of getting content into everyone’s hands.

“InkyPen is the best way to read what you want, where you want from the rich world of graphic novels and comic books”, says Ronan Huggard, CEO of InkyPen. “We have no intention of selling content piecemeal, there are other places for that. We’re bringing an all-you-can-read model to the international community”.

InkyPen has its roots in the indie games industry and was born out of genuine frustration with the lack of such a service. Everyone at InkyPen loves comics and wants to find the best way of getting what readers want into their hands. “We want to make comic books available for everyone, everywhere, forever”, says Peter Meldahl, Co-founder and CTO of InkyPen.

InkyPen will launch in November 2018. Stay tuned for news!

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