King under the Mountain Enters Early Access on

The alpha version of the fantasy settlement management sim is now available on PC, Mac and Linux. Will come to Steam at a later date

British indie developer Rocket Jump Technology is proud to announce that their fantasy settlement management sim, King under the Mountain, has entered Early Access and is now available on, with a Steam version to follow at a later date.

One of Kotaku’s ‘Games of 2019’, King under the Mountain sees players take charge in creating and commanding their own intricate and bustling settlement in a procedurally-generated fantasy world. Taking inspiration from classic fantasy literature you’ll be able to play as three races, each with their own playstyle; dwarves who live and work together in unified harmony, humans who demand wages and utilise a functioning economy, and orcs who loot their way to fame and fortune!

With a deep level of simulation, a series of interlocking systems all come together to create a living, breathing world. Weather will affect your terrain, items and characters. Plants and animals will behave realistically across different seasons and your settlers will each have their own personalities and emotions to grapple with.

Featuring a full night / day cycle, realistic settler needs and behaviours, and resource management, players will be able to issue high-level orders through simple click & drag commands to expand their settlement and form a gloriously productive society. Once up and running, players can send their best and brightest settlers on dungeon-crawling adventures to other locations and directly engage in tactical battles!

The future addition of full asynchronous multiplayer will expand upon this – letting you explore other players’ creations! Your settlers will be able to visit and embark on quests to another player’s settlement and vice-versa, so build wisely and see what challenges you can come up with!

Rocket Jump Technology Founder, Ross Taylor-Turner said “King under the Mountain is my dream project – I’m making it simply because it’s the game I most want to play and I’m incredibly excited to be able to share it with the world!”

Launching in early access on, an open marketplace designed for independent digital creators, King Under The Mountain comes with full mod support for every element of the game and is currently priced at £15.00 – $20.00 – €17.

Join the community in the Discord server at
Or the subreddit at /r/KingUnderTheMountain/ Store: Purchase King under the Mountain

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